How to Use: Mirrored Glasses

Fashion sometimes plays tricks on people, right? When, in the history of that country, would we turn around the mirrored glasses? In my head, they were only meant for surfers … but they fell in the taste of all kinds of people. They left the 80’s directly for the twenty-first century little faces. For this model there are only two types of opinion:either you love, or you hate!

Amazingly, I’ve had enough of seeing several people with this type of model on the streets here in Belo Horizonte. Be back from the gym, just strolling. The most difficult type to use is that color, which has the blue, green, red lenses … In this case, I would recommend using it with more basic, discrete or matching colors.

There is the kind that is just mirrored without color. This is easier to use and suits any color of clothing, especially if it is aviator style. But it is also worth remembering that the mirrored glasses are very informal, for weekends and walks. No fancy clothes with them! Several celebrities have already joined. Among them are Sabrina Satto, Blake Lively, Drew Barrymore and even the former fashion editor of French Vogue Carine Roitfeld. You can not go unnoticed by such a model. So, if you join, take on that inconspicuous side of the glasses and get out there sweeping!

Where to Buy:here in Brazil, the first brand we can think of to buy fashion glasses like these is the Absurd.They are sold in several opticians across the country, just give a wanted one, especially in shopping malls.And, of course, we could never forget Ray-Ban’s classic mirrored models, right?

1. Short Hair with Mirrored Eyewear

2. Long Hair with Mirrored Eyewear

3. Side Hair with Mirrored Eyewear

4. Fringed Hair with Mirrored Eyewear

5. Side fringed hair with Mirrored Glasses

6. Semi-attached Hair with Mirrored Eyewear

7. Ponytail with Mirrored Glasses

8. Braid with Mirrored Glasses

9. Coke with Mirrored Glasses

10. Bandana with Mirrored Glasses

11. Cap with Mirrored Glasses

12. Hats with Mirrored Eyewear

13. Famous with Mirrored Glasses