How to Use: Mulberry Handbags

The itgirls have the power to turn an accessory into an object of desire, this usually happens with the bags they use, the itbags. These purses have seen the dream of consuming many people and never escape from copies.Mulberry fits into this profile and has become one of the most sought after brands by fashionistas on duty.

How to Use: Mulberry Handbags

According to the brand’s own website, the Mulberry brand has been inspired by the country’s artisanal climate along with the city’s cool climate since 1971. The brand has passed this English style onto the streets and remains with timeless pieces to this day. Mulberry’s most coveted handbags today are Bayswater (classic), Neely (my favorite!) And Alexa. About the latter, the brand saw hostess Alexa Chung (see her style) wearing a vintage male mailbag and had the idea of ​​honoring her with a creation especially for her. Alexa was perfect to play the role of “face” of the brand, since she has all the Mulberry style to be.

Here at, the style of Mulberry handbags greatly enhances the look, makes it less obvious, you know? This wave of bags stuffed with tacks has gone a little and now what is on the rise is leather purse in lighter color, more natural.The advantage of these bags is also the size, which is medium, and fits all we need, nothing more.

They are super versatile and very easy to combine. I like to imagine looks with stripes, floral, belts of tressê and oxfords with bags, a romantic retro style, but of course, the universe is not just that. Stripped and practical, the Mulberry bags look great with pieces inspired by the military trend;as well as leather pieces such as jackets, shorts and skirts, which may be different colors from the bag. They combine both with lightweight garments such as summer dresses and heavier garments such as trench coat.Just adapt to the time of year!

To amuse, there are colored bags of these models and in varnish, that give a touch more on the clothes. A purple, yellow, green, red or blue purse catches your eye, so let the bag stand out only. With it, use more basic pieces of neutral colors, so you do not risk going wrong. Whoever wants to dare, can mix with prints of the same color as the bag and put another color in the shoe. It all depends on your creativity!

Lia used her Mulberry Alexa inspired in various looks, blending with skirts, dresses and pants, like this one , this one , this one and the one. Look Camila Coutinho also has one, only on the leash, look.The good thing is that they can be based on their looks, very accessible and easy to copy!

Where to Buy:Many stores have already made their Mulberry version, such as Ellus and Luiza Barcelos. Lia bought hers on eBay, which can be a great option for those who want to have several options. But very careful when buying! Always make sure the seller is trustworthy. Lily Zemuner nominated Livbelle, a store that sells Mulberry Alexa bags for up to 240.00.

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