How to Use Pants Boyfriend Tips

Pants boyfriend is that pants that looks like it was “stolen” from the closet of our boyfriend has done so successfully and some celebrities are parading around and turned a real fashion among teenage girls and women more tuned in the universe of fashion.

How to Use Pants Boyfriend Tips

But not everyone knows how to cobinar the play and which clothes you choose to wear pants boyfriend thinking about it we have created a quick and basic manual for you stay stylish and rock the look where you go.

Tips on how to wear boyfriend jeans:

* Boyfriends pants which best dressed women are the jeans, get the most lightness to the look and opt for light colors.

* How is a model with more male, try to match the pants boyfriend always with pieces that have romantic and feminine.

* Time to combine your pants boyfriend choose blouses drained and glued to the body, like spaghetti strap blouses and baby looks. So the visual is harmonious and let the proposal much more interesting after all the pants boyfriend as the name implies has the male modeling at

* Pants boyfriend is fantastic if combined with a basic blouse, black or white, and put a very interesting accessory to create movement and harmony to look leaving visual well versatile and feminine so use abuse of accessories to make your look.

* The boyfriend pants combines with high heels and the result is barbaric. You can still use the piece with country boots, and peep toes.

* But if you are tall and thin, invest in a boyfriend pants and use with sneakers.You will be at the same time, fashion and cool.

Another tip is to fold the Pant bar boyfriend out, leaving an inch of jeans inside out appearing. The result is fantastic.

* All accessories choose a big purse, work on bijouxs and let the look the most feminine possible and work wherever you go!