How to Use Picture Frame Decoration

The picture frame is a great choice for framing pictures, and, with them, to complement the decor of a room, is to bring fond memories to the fore, is to break the doldrums visual of a mobile or comfortable or even as a creative piece of design. In addition to being a great option for exposing parts and moments of personal nature and importance and very own meanings, the frames can be a very effective solution to put the visitors, guests and residents of a local residence important, loved ones and travel goals.

Its application in decoration, besides giving personality and demonstrate good taste and decoration trends, science also has as main function to tell some of the story of who resides at that location or frequents during the day by day. In addition to give a personal touch to your decor, they can also serve to break the informality of workplaces give a more familiar to television and dining rooms and even decorate rooms, kitchens, offices, libraries and even the halls of your home.

Split up some interesting tips on how to use the frames in the decoration of their environments and also some specific tips on how to use the pieces in each room for you to inspire. Check out:

  • Living room or TV room: In more traditional homes, the living room or TV room is the meeting point between the various residents of the house and, therefore, is one of the best rooms to use frames in the decoration since it opens a huge range of possibilities. You can use the frames hanging on your wall, as well as combined with other pieces of decoration and adornment in coffee tables, bookcases, shelves or racks. It is important to take the visual style of the room into account in choosing the best frames, its texture, material and size, so that the result is interesting and beautiful. If the wall or furniture in your living room are of stronger colors, the recommended is to opt for softer colors parts, while walls and decor of bright colors allow the use of more striking picture frames and colors and textures.
  • Dining room: the dining room is a room where the dining table that you chose with care and appreciation has the most and where your guests more ones will share delicious meals with you and it is a great option to use frames. Share moments, memories and places can be an interesting option to create intimacy and rapport with your guests, because they feel part of the moment and will have a feeling of intimacy with their hosts. Options hanging on the wall or on sideboards and shelves are a great choice for this room, where you can also rely on creative and stylish frames to give even more prominence to your decor.
  • Kitchen: For the kitchen, ideal and recommended is to opt for more delicate parts and fun, giving attention to the decoration of the room and of the environment. If your kitchen is modern and all of bright metallic material, a retro picture frames can be an option and style that will complement the look of the space. To more traditional kitchens, the options in brushed metal, like steel, are a good thing.
  • Halls: for runners, a great option is to use the picture frame hung directly on the wall or on a sideboard. How is a transitional space and movement, it is important to choose frames and photos to pass simple ideas, but of beauty and interest. Landscapes are a great option and combine very well with this room.

A general tip is to bet in choosing pieces that combine with the environment or contrasting with the existing decor, but always taking into consideration an elegant combination and to ensure that space will be even more beautiful with the use of frames. Opt for artistic photos, interesting landscapes and memories of happy times serve to build an integrated environment and comfortable, which will care and good taste to your guests and will give the residents of the house the feeling that they are always in contact with the good experiences of their lives. Use and abuse of creativity and you’ll have a multitude of possibilities for decorating.