How to Use: Straw Bag

With spring and the proximity of summer we start to change the face of the wardrobe! One of the pieces that promises to come from the beach to the everyday is the straw bag (wicker or bamboo also come in!).

How to Use: Straw Bag

According to, combining this type of bag with fresh floral looks is easy, so I separated some slightly different ideas to inspire you! For example, following this normcore wave of mom jeans with more basic t-shirt, how about putting the straw bag contrasting? And what about casting a chic look with the structured straw bag?

In this current trend have some models that stand out:the giant round, the small round and the basket.I think you’re going to notice that overall, none of the photo bags are just those cool, colorful bags that we actually take to the beach.Most are warmer versions!

Where to buy:You will find straw bags on the beach sections of large magazines, but coincidentally today I discovered the brand Dolce Alba on Instagram and I was in love.They have exactly the wicker bags on the top models!

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