How to Wear a Necktie?

Do you wear knit ties?
I do, but this is not the stuff of everyone, I do a little poll …

Maybe you’ve already tried to wear?
But as the result was no more you are moved on …

You may be wondering how to associate a tie knit outfit (?)
A suit or blazer for example (ten examples of outfits in this post).

I asked myself these questions when I started wearing knitted ties as described in accessory selection…  Lately, I see besides growing.

They are everywhere, including a strong presence in magazines menswear that make advertising. Much more than a fad, the knitted tie is well and truly here to stay. And that’s good for your wardrobe!

Note: In this article, I will not speak of that square toe knit ties (they also exist in sharp tip). But some ideas are common to both models, such as:

  • How to wear?
  • What color to choose?
  • How the knot?

1. The Knitted Tie: Between Style and Panache!

I test knit tie for quite some time and I have to say that I never tire of its charms or its panache! Worn with a formal outfit, she brings that little nonchalant touch that I particularly like, but while unobtrusive.

This is a good option for the company, especially for a Casual Friday. That said, I also paid weekday with different costumes. The silk knit is also beautifully with a flannel suit … A raw and chic style that is not forgotten! It also works with just a jacket!

2. Materials and Mesh

For substances, the knitted tie is usually made ​​from a silk knit. The advantages of this material are many, longevity and beautiful fallen notably. Moreover, its texture brings volume to the node. Which is not unpleasant at all!

There are also wool knit ties, material that requires less care than a silk knit.

Indeed, the silk knit can stretch a little bit. We must therefore take care, without fear of having this problem because it all depends on how frequently you wear your knitting tie.

For the mesh, knitting patterns that are found in the trade is relatively airy in general, without being too wide I assure you.

The mesh gives a bright appearance to the product, which strengthens its casual side.

3. Colors, Patterns and Sizes: Soft Start!

As for colors, I suggest you start with simple but effective color as:

  • navy blue;
  • the forest green;
  • the Bordeaux;
  • dark red.

By choosing a classic colors, the goal is to overcome the originality of the accessory to not give the impression of “overdoing it”.

The texture of a knitted tie is original enough to stand on its own. No need to add more.

For the reasons we mostly commercially united knit ties. But there are also models with very nice grounds.

I think of the models peas or horizontal stripes that bring a touch of originality while remaining simple and elegant.

Finally for the width of your tie, it should not match the “say-when does one” but rather to your body. You will find several choices in store wide (7 to 9 cm in general).

4. What Necktie Choose?

Given the fabric construction, I recommend you do a simple knot. Especially as the casual side of this accessory does not suit a formal node (type Windsor). This kind of node might in addition spoil your knitting tie.

Moreover, when I spoke of the plume of this accessory, I think it’s also due to how to build it, but also the back panel of this tie that can be left out of the flange , as in picture above.

5. How to Wear?

Read what he wrote is below + quiz at the end of this article.

As always with clothing and accessories, I think there are no rules to follow but opinions/ideas to know to build your own style.

If you are wondering what is the added value of a knit tie?
To this question I tried to answer: its versatility! It can make a more casual and formal attire, conversely, add panache to a casual look.

With its chic and casual at the same time, the knitted tie will go great with a gray flannel suit. A tie knit forest green or navy blue will look great.

I also tested with the following parts.

NB: Some combinations are less views but really work very well. I was particularly impressed with the combo:

  • Tie + knit teddy jacket + jeans + selvedge chukka boots.

Here are several possible combinations in bulk:

  • Neck Knit Cardigan +
  • Neck Knit Blazer +
  • Neck Knit + Sport Jacket
  • Tie + Knitwear City of Costume
  • Tie Knit Tweed Jacket +
  • Neck Knit Jacket + like Teddy Leather/Wool (+ 1 for wool sleeves!)
  • Tie + Knitwear Denim Jacket

6. Trivia Contest: a Knit Tie to Win!

You want to win a knit tie the shop?

Terms of participation:

To try your luck in this competition, you must:

1 / Liker page Facebook blog (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest … if you do not have Facebook)

2 / Leave a comment under this article by stating for example:

  • your favorite colors and/or;
  • with what you would wear.

Link to the shop to make your choice

3 / If you share this post on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) you will have a chance in addition to the draw!

Put your share link in your comment.

One more chance, regardless of the number of shares made (2 shares = 1 more chance, 10 shares = 1 chance in more).

4 / For info:

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Choosing a tie knit from stock available in the store April 16, 2016 (EDIT: April 2, 2016).


  • The competition is open from April 1 to April 15, 2016 (15 days);
  • Only one entry per person (IP address);
  • Parental consent for minors;
  • Draw April 16, 2016.

Good luck and goodbye for the results!