How to Wear African Clothing

Take note: the afro look is already among us, primarily the African ethnic style Pop (also known as Ethnic Deluxe), that is extremely versatile, very cheerful and highly democratic, and can be used by women of all colors.

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This season, the universal Africa inspires sweaters, pants, dresses, shoes, accessories and hairstyles to make the woman more beautiful, sexy and modern.

Ethnic Deluxe is a trend marked by prints (artwork) large and attractive, with a Bohemian touch, bold colors, with many fabrics and fringe to the taste of the Sun and wind.

The best ethnic fashion is that you can use at any time, be at events on the beach or in salons, working lunch or dinner, cocktails, out with friends, among others, for being a ventilated and comfortable fashion.

The tribal geometric prints of animals, plants, the everyday life of people originating from Africa, and batik and tie-dye allow limitless combinations by use with other clothes or add-on in neutral tones for a perfect urban afro look and current.

How To Use African Clothes:

But if you still do not know that look “made in Africa to choose or how to use, we will help you with some tips:

Ethnic Maxi Dress

If the dress is strapless, wear it with a long necklace and within the theme. If a thick or thin straps or sleeves, better to use only one pair of big earrings. It is also very well using only an earring big lonely, feathers, leather and or string, which reinforce the visual.

Complement with many bracelets that adorn your wrist. Remember that accessories in Golden tones are perfect for hot skins (more tone yellow) and silver, cold skin (more tone pink).

The word maxi already indicates compliance with ideal for this look. If you are high, combine with creeping or basic hop sandals, neutral colors or a color that match the tones of the dress. Women lower can bet on beautiful wooden platforms or cork or plastics in the colors of summer.

Ethnic Dresses Short

To transform the basic look of the patterned short dresses of beaches, with the class etc, combine a outfit ethnic prints with heel sandals and accessories, fashions and you will have a great option for a cocktail party or festive event in the Office.

Another interesting choice to give a face to your print luxury: a Cardigan in row (crochet, knitting or lace summer, nude and soft colors that contrast), a scarf or a pashmina with fringes in earth tones. Are ideal to complete the ethnic trend.

Sarong and Tunics

Freedom for the style still moves, the sarongs and tunics refer to Africa. So, this season we must have at least one of each.

Tunics-the robe is a wide and long, with sleeves, symbol of comfort and sophistication.This season, choose tunics in earth tones, Mama Africa style and with transparencies.

Use it together with pants, skirts or jeans pantaloons worn out. If it’s a little more accomplished, will be very sexy as a dress, walk only with high-heeled sandals.

-Sarongs sarong (called kikoy on the East coast of Africa) are equally eclectic, being used both for decorating walls, due to the beauty and richness of your painting, how to make shawls, scarves, handbags, dresses and skirts.

The sarong is a beautiful piece of cotton or silk, of rectangular shape, enabling numerous ways to secure it to the body.Currently many sarong models now come with straps to attach around the body, like a dress or a skirt (yoke).

Miniskirt-To turn it into a miniskirt, you can fold the fabric in half to get the desired width and fasten it at the waist. If you don’t have cops to arrest, use some beautiful brooch and or a wide belt of leather or straw.

Pants – have you ever heard of the sarong pants isn’t it? Well then: she is that beautiful sarong tying around your waist, passing in the rear legs and tied again at the waist. This is one of the sexiest looks of the season, but it is recommended that the fabric is wider than usual, to have trim as a skirt.

Pants Pantaloons

Simple lines, simple and comfortable, thepants comes from other seasons, but now she adopts all the strength of ethnic prints and colors. This is one more season’s clothing that allows endless variations: you can combine with a corset or tops well in loose-fitting blouses, tunics, with transparencies or simply with a t-shirt or recata.

If you are of those who love skirts met and steering wheels, on this station, bet a large pants, in striking colors and patterns to match a top in plain colors, but experienced (red, black, chocolate, Blue Metallic, emerald green, Tangerine, purple and others). You will create a look forward, but rather sophisticated. To be more casual, replace the strong tones of shirt or top by candy color or matching any of the nude colors of the print.

This type of pants, by being untethered in the body, not checking the forms and get prints, is excellent to hide those extra pounds by simply playing the blouse over her head (with a belt dropped and not marking the waist is also great).

If you are not yet oppressive in the Afro Pop, ethnic style dare gradually adopting a piece and any attachment. Then, just allow, that style comes into you!