How to Wear an Ankle Bracelet

Wearing an anklet with nothing on your feet. Face photo credit / Stockbyte / Getty Images
There is no one best way to wear an ankle bracelet or anklet. Take into account what you wear with it and where you are going to help you decide how wear one. Nail a look is child’s play.
Show off your legs

The biggest rule to wear an ankle bracelet as described in foot jewelry is to pair it with funds that show. Spend long pants and wear those cultivated or shorts. Make sure that there is a decent amount of the skin around the ankle showing this is so obvious that you are wearing an ankle bracelet. Summer dresses, leggings cropped, shorts, and skirts are options that highlight an ankle bracelet.

With pumps

Do your pumps still more distinguished by sliding on a peg. This matches perfectly with a dress or a skirt that is also feminine, and provides an unexpected accent, but decidedly girly of your set. Your ankle will fall just above the top of the heel of your shoe. Any pump work here, if you wear an ankle bracelet in a neutral or metallic tint.

Keep it delicate

To keep your chic looking ankle bracelet, opt for a delicate. Gaudy anklets will harm your look. This does not mean that you may not purchase a version of costume jewelry – we have not all males for precious metals – just be sure that it is delicate and you’re all set. Charm bracelets all small and even those who are simple strings work well.

With flat sandals

Go boho and wearing an anklet with flat sandals. This is fantastic with a flowing dress or simple shorts. Wear an ankle bracelet to each ankle, or wear on both ankles for extra punch of style. A delicate ankle or ankle friendship beads work the Bohemian atmosphere.
Go Barefoot

If you head to the beach, an ankle bracelet is the perfect accessory to take. Go barefoot with your anklet as your main accessory. This is an easy way to make your beach look stand out in all the right ways. Go big, bright and bold with colorful ankle bracelets, or simple with money subtle and those gold. Just make sure that it is a ball that will last through a bath.