How to Wear an Oversized Sweater

Where once the wool sweater was good only on jeans, now he is a wild boss who always wears at every opportunity.

n fashion the’ oversize is the rule in recent years especially when it comes to mesh.
No more twin-set or golf that caress your skin when it’s cold outside.Sweater stolen from the boyfriend is the true object of desire for all the fashionistas of the world, a  must-have inexpensive and affordable for all!

The wool sweater is worn off. Should be warm and comfortable, it worked or simple and plain. More masculine and oversized, the better!

How you wear?
No rules. It must simply be brought in style, without paying much attention to the combination and to the look.

For the day
Combine oversized sweater with a pair of cigarette pants short at the ankle and completed the look with a pair of lace-Men or the classic décolleté.
According to, another very fashionable outfit is to combine the sweater with the cropped pants, which is a true must-have this season. Choose them wide and high life.
If you prefer to wear the skirt choose a pencil skirt and pair it with a large sweater, but short.
For a more casual look wear boyfriend jeans and combine them to a very masculine sweater. Shoes with very feminine heel in this case are a must.

For the evening
You can wear the sweater as mini dress and pair it with boots over the knees or Parisian stockings with biker boots to be more carefree.
Also the combination with the edgy leather leggings is very fashionable this season. Choose a pearl gray or white sweater and elegant occasion you opt for the total black.
Played a lot with the accessories and then combined with a head much male a striking necklace or even necklaces with pendants, or a pair of long earrings.
Given much prominence to the face with a neat trick and effect.

Avoid oversized sweaters if you are tall and very strong, and if you are minute and not too high or just wear them with heels.

Do not combine them in sweatpants, although you will find this proposal in many fashion magazines. Unfortunately this kind of outfits is not for all!
We also do not recommend the combination with full skirts and long unless you do not want to know and play a lot with fashion. The skirt style gipsy can be worn with oversized sweater only if worn with very sports shoes like sneakers or boots.

Finally there are those who dare the combination with precious fabricslike lace, tulle and sequins. Thumbs up for a sleek pencil skirt or a pair of silk pants paired with an oversized sweater. Thumb down for skirts and tulle midi.
Always remember not to overdo it so as not to seem ridiculous!