How to Wear Bell Bottom Pants

There was a time when Flower Power in the seventies, Woodstock, dum Maro dum moments and psychedelic prints, patterns, and colors dominated fashion in the world. Since Mumtaz is Neetu Singh, Zeenat Aman, Shabana Azmi is Bette Davis brave Charlie’s Angels, all sported a Flower Power in the seventies through the eighties and nineties at the time as well. One of the basic styles of the seventies was running Amok in the fashion statements of the Bell bottoms. New age avatar is a Palace in the pants.

Bringing Back Bell-Bottom Days

Mothers should be the happiest watching you in one of these stylish 10 trendy when you pair up the Bell Bottoms in any tops evening, College and more. Allow the mother to look back on his golden days too, and you can make this happen. Here are ten chic ways to wear Bell-Bottoms in 2015!

College Girl in Her Quirky Character

Dark brown Bell bottoms with a simple Scoop Neck tee was raiv

Seventies you can emulate the same, and in this day and age!

You Get the Spinsters Party

become a vintage touch to the spinsters party this weekend to set the mood. To complete the look of the vintage Seventies wooden high-heels, dress up, wear jewelry, and the top of the wrist of sulphates on the shirt underneath and a layer of it just a coat to complete the look.

Out of the Mall with the Baby and Old Man

Summer fashion is fun and stay cool, which is why a pair of ripped jeans with high heels, paired with a sleeveless white V-neck top and her hair let loose, is the easiest way to make heads turn wherever you go.

To Stir up the Heat in the Pub

Curvy girls can be a lot of fun. Plus size sisters hear-hear! Off-shoulder top with Bell the bottoms of your feet, heels and statement necklace will help you catch more than just eyeballs!

One of Charlie’s Angels

We loved the style mantra of Charlie’s ANGEL in a trio of beauties. Tuck the high-waist bell bottom trousers tucked shirt and carry a shoulder bag, you are back to the the trend of seventies! Afro hair or perms, feather trim, or leave it loose and straight, we look at you!

Bright and Cuffed

Get your Pool Party with the norm would be to run water, wearing a bikini, you should feel not to be run-of-the-mill girl and still would like to see spreads around, think of a monotone fashion from head to toe. Cuffed bell bottom pants are the same color as the top of white edges will bring a stylish touch screen.

Sheer Crop Top, Loose Printed Coat and Denim Bell Bottoms

An evening out with friends, you need to dress up completely separate from the gang that sips of their Margaritas. Sheer embossed crop the neck printed in loose cotton overcoats and denim ripped bell-bottoms with high heels, brings a cool chick in the party look.

Off the job, dress up Fridays

On Friday, the dress is all about being a little relaxed and happy. TGIF because now we can flaunt leather bell bottoms, with a V-neck waist length tunic top or cardigan smart dress needs. You can complete the look, you can carry a small tote or sling bag.

Retro and Hippy at the Rave Party on the Beach

Raves are fun to be around, and the vividness of requires creativity and innovation in the Bell bottoms and bikini tops. City center-stage, it is yours to keep when you know how to flaunt those curves in a wide-striped Bell Bottoms!

Bring the Disco Fever Baby!

When the world could not stop dancing to the beats of DISCO at the time, shook their beautiful curves, PYTs likes ABBA, the BEEGEES and more. Low V neck floral top and afro hair to set the look of linen Bell-bottoms and interest rates, gracing the occasion up to parties.

Bell-bottom trousers had its own style, its own aura, and glory to say so, and in particular, the curvy Indian women who braved the humidity and heat of the continent, the humble Bell-bottom unless lasses held the stylish and cool, but get them to flaunt real women’s curves too!Ready to flaunt curves and looks like a new-age moves to restore the Bell-Bottoms now!