How to Wear Blazers Casually

Blazers: every self-respecting young man must have at least one.

I’m not talking about costume. When I hear a suit and swim in my mind the image of opapchen graduate with a bad taste. Most of us will never put these costumes (for luck).

How to Wear Blazers Casually

I remember my white formal suit with pink shirt and white patent shoes. I felt like the king of the world. God, I hate this suit!

So anyway. got lost. Sacco. Properly selected and combined can turn any grub, in a good-looking. Coupled with T-shirt, jacket, jeans, pants, polo, black, blue, gray. You can always look good.

How to choose the right size?

There is the illusion that to stand a jacket as it should have to go and you sew it. I do not think it’s worth. In specialty stores have a huge variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Because of the different structures of the male body suit has at least 54 silhouette. If you add 11 sizes and 3 growths numbers possible combinations of patterns are 1782. Not to mention that not everyone has the opportunity to spend money on tailor. You need is time and desire. 🙂

Let’s talk about size!

Compared to the growth sports jackets are three razmera- short (short), medium (regular) and long (long).

Usually men to 170 cm tall are short amount between 175 and 183sm- medium size and over 183 cm – long size.

How to choose a blazer over the length of the sleeves? According to, if under his jacket wearing shirt sleeves must be submitted. Not too much. not too little. About ¾ of an inch or a centimeter and a half. Select sleeves correct! However, this jacket is not your gift. Do not wear down jacket old brother. It is yours.

Length jacket? The easiest way that I use is by standing with outstretched arms at your sides, bend your fingers into a fist and lightly coat should you reach the fold of the fingers. If the jacket wrinkle in your hand, it means you longer.

Size jacket in the belly? It does not have to sit tight, should not be too loose. Again an elementary premervane- catch jacket, bend your jacket should fit you. I remain widely place- you. Do not stay there. Replace jacket nobody wants to be geko buttons and hit him in the forehead.

Shoulders? The most important feature in which detects whether the jacket is the right size are the shoulders of his jacket. The rule is that must be wider than yours. The angle which is obtained between the latter and the extension of the arm is 90 degrees. If the shoulders of the jacket are not your measure, the whole suit rather not for you.

Breasts? You should be able to calmly buttoning his coat, not strained. Too much is in case there is a considerable distance between the chest and the garment.

How to choose the color of the jacket?

The choice of colors is the most important part. Colors be selected not just for the occasion, but the morphology of the man. Dark colors keeps you slim as they absorb light, so they are by no means appropriate choice for weak men. Light colors themselves are just like them, because they reflect light back sazadavat illusion of volume. Still announces to be borne in mind that in addition to this magical effect, many sparkling colors and attract a lot of attention, leading to a thorough inspection of every detail. The most suitable light pastel colors.

In terms of patterns, poor people’s right to avoid vertical stripes, as it also prolongs and gathered and, but can invite plaid, florals and more. What to choose a full men? Well the exact opposite. Vertical stripes lengthen the figure and from there look weaker.