How to Wear Boots for Women

Beautiful and high for the next season, long boots are perfect and charm filled, a shoe to draw attention wherever he goes, and that each year reinvents itself. It is a very popular piece among women especially in cold seasons, they can compose a super modern look and chic. But some care is necessary at the time to use them.

Some models to fall well and get a harmonious visual requires some requirements, such as: thin and long legs, which is the case of models over knee which are those with height above the knee, so that it falls well is necessary to thigh women are thin.

But chubby not be discouraged! There are some tricks from to the long barrel fall well in more chubby women, such as: find models that are looser at the top of the boot, and try to leave the monochromatic look, or boots and shoes in the same tone, prefer the not so long boots, long pipe is regarded as the boots in height of two fingers below the knee.

The options are many, with textures, colors, and different models, recent mind the designer Tom Ford presented at the fashion week in London in 2016, beautiful boots long barrel model, peep toe and stamped it was very successful! And by the way, prints are high, especially chess and the famous animal print.

How to Use Tips Long Pipe Boots

The first thing you need to know is that the boot should not be tight in the calf, so it is generally more suitable for thin legs. Look for a model that is not too tight, but also not be too loose, just comfortable.
Combine with pants, shorts, skirts, dresses and leggings, in the case of pants and leggings it look always uses the same color of the boot so it does not divide your leg. In the case of dresses and skirts it is always good to leave a leg show, let the more harmonious look. Some say that this rule does not apply to models over knee, this kind of boot leg should be covered completely, but I personally find very sexy when worn with dress and is one barrinha thigh outside.

Cano and long jump are the perfect combination, let the legs more shapely women and also an air of sophistication, the stilettos for example is perfect for occasions like weddings or more formal events. Paw half is already more comfortable with it you can opt for a higher heel, like a 15. And it has low short hops which are the most comfortable and who will be high this year, along with the cowboy boots that also it is winter 2016 trend.

Combining the boot with the bag is not always necessary, especially if the boot are a long barrel, for it itself already draws enough attention. Then seek a harmony between the two without necessarily being the same color or same texture.