How to Wear Bow Ties

The bow tie is a well known male enhancement, but little used. Most men are afraid to adopt a style with this piece. Light and sophisticated, she can be the difference of your visual. A great choice for outdoor weddings during the day or for events that call for gala costume during the night, she can be the difference between a dull and the highlight of the party. Separate these tips to start using the bow tie without fear.

How to use ties

First of all, you need to know that the bow tie is part of black tie . If you don’t know what that is, ebizdir will explain in this text. Although elegant and sophisticated, black tie is only recommended for use during the night on occasion who ask the costume. Otherwise, the use of the bow tie is more free.

Outside of the black tie mainly during the day, you can use the bow tie with much more freedom and imagination, but always remember that the shirt closed until the last button is required to use this attachment.

There are different models of bow tie to choose from on the market. You should take into consideration what your style and o

ccasion you will use on the purchase. The most colorful and printed ties have a touch more casual and are great to use during the day, since the more sober are better for events at night and more sophisticated.

In addition, it is necessary to think about the clothes that you will use. You cannot take into consideration only in the color of the bow tie, but your pattern too. A striped shirt, for example, can annul a striped bow tie. The stripes combine well with small or medium-sized prints. Despite this, you can choose a tie printed with the same shirt for a basic style.

If your visual has a more neutral and discreet style, you can use a bow tie in stronger shades to counteract with the discretion of the rest and create a very interesting style. The retro visuals, combine the bow tie with suspenders or tailoring vest may be the secret.

Another accessory that House very well with the bow tie is the handkerchief in the Pocket. With same or different prints, you can use these two accessories together. Just keep in mind that if you use different prints, cannot abuse the big patterns.

And before concluding, one final tip! You do not need to use the bow tie tailoring parts. It is possible to combine this accessory with casual clothes, especially for events during the day.