How To Wear Espadrilles

The espadrilles (espadrilho shoe, sneakers) are lovely, casual and combine with summer.

This is the type of shoe that is comfortable, for a more casual and charming fashion. Although most basic shoes, are not without grace. Who has no regrets.

The option with salto (anabela, platform, usually “wedges”) possesses softness, lightness. No heavy shoe. Generally, these shoes have straps or ribbons that attach themselves to the ankle. The charm of this shoe is just that! But other possibilities exist.

How to use espadrilles? That’s the question many. Politicsezine brings all the tips to use this fresh shoe …

  1. Always Casual. A shoe that “break the ice”, gives that “man” informal in visual. Don’t even think about using espadrilles with clothes too social, party dresses. This is the type of shoe totally casual, suitable for informal occasions.
  2. Matching Colored clothes. If the espadrille is colorful, make sure the color and/or pattern combines with the clothes.
  3. Pants that show the ankle and fairer. Leggings, capri pants, jeans, a skinny. These are super cool! If your espadrille is low, you can build a super relaxed and informal style. Type: “put on your clothes and leave the House.” Create, play with the casual.
  4. Elegant dress. How about a fresh look? Place a lightweight fabric dress. Super romantic and elegant. Want something a little more serious? How about a dress “lady like”. Or, maybe a small tube with the longer length. With maxi dress is also cool. This is the shoe of the dresses! I’ve never seen combine both!
  5. Invest in shorts, miniskirts. Who likes a look jovial must bet in these parts. Just need a bit of caution for anyone who has thick legs and/or too long not to be vulgar. When in doubt, increase the length of your piece (short, skirt).
  6. Evidence Tying the ankles. With moorings surrounding the ankles gives a hint of sexy to visual and draws attention to this region. You’re beautiful!
  7. If Not enslave by fashion. Even when the espadrille is not in vogue in fashion doesn’t mean that you can’t use it. If you don’t like that kind of shoe, don’t feel bombarded by fashion. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. A shoe cool for hot days in any season. Invent, create, combine and make your own casual fashion.

Want to know what you think! What do you think of espadrilles? With what do you like to combine? Comment and let your impressions.