How to Wear Leggings with Skirts

The word “Leggings” has not yet entered into your vocabulary, and in your closet? Discover what it is and how you wear the fashion trends of spring.

Every season has its centerpiece and for this spring-summer we should get used to a new term to use. Mean anything to the word leggings? Discover what it is: what is the boss of the moment and how to match it.

What are they?

The term legging is a combination of English terms skirt and leggings, literally skirt and leggings. Figured out

How to Wear Leggings with Skirts

what it is? Of a pair of sports leggings with miniskirts incorporated.

Already in vogue a few years abroad, this season will be launched by the brand Calzedonia, a leader in the field of underwear and socks that he always cherish even the fashion trends.

And as miss this trend? We see up close how to pair and wear this garment.

– With the dancers: perfect for everyday with a simple ballerina and a shirt. The important thing is to choose a tone-on-tone model: the leggings give more to those who have a slender physique, as the snug fitting skirt tends to break the figure and to emphasize curves.

For an evening of dancing: I’m definitely perfect for a similar occasion. Pair in a tank top or top brisk, perhaps decorated with shiny sequins. And of course with a nice heel 12.

In sports version: If you love the casual look don’t despair, but declinali the best matching them to a shoe style Converse and a plaid shirt or a t-shirt with matching leather jacket.

What do you think? Do you feel like trying the new fashion of the season?