How to Wear Printed Leggings

Some models of clothes come straight from the catwalk to the shop windows, but trends born from the specific use of a piece and popularized coming to the streets is something very common in the fashion world.

The colored leggings are there to prove it! They left the academies of gymnastics and ended up in day-to-day, making the most different looks outside!

The variety of printed leggings is huge, for all tastes, bodies and personalities. In 2013 the fashion of striped leggings in black and white invaded the streets of many countries and many women joined the outfit, this trend has expanded and opened space for printed leggings with several other motifs and colors.

If you think the printed leggings can be used only in summer, you are very wrong! Pick printed leggings with darker colors, to combine it with shirts, hoodies and thicker and longer coats; you will be protected from the cold and super trendy!

The prints are the most diverse possible, you have models with prints of animals (the famous animal print), floral prints, plaid, stars, crosses, prints that hark back to outer space! Some are more psychedelic and colorful hyper, or smooth and metalized, we cannot forget the neon colors like orange, green and pink, and stripes that have not been overlooked.


  • Long shirts (can even dare to choosing a man’s shirt!)
  • Shirts and denim jackets
  • Sleeved t-shirt or tank top
  • Cardigans
  • Sweatshirts
  • Dresses
  • Sweaters

For the top, choose more sober colors that will balance the visual and will not carry it because the attention will be on the pants, you can wear a white shirt, black, gray scale or dark blue. It is interesting to choose a shade close to the color of pants or a color that is in print, this color game balances and composes.

Another important tip is how to fit for every body type. Generally, tall women or thin legs look great over tights, but nothing prevents women’s thicker legs and the incredibly low also have fun with the trend! Simply combine pieces that lengthen the silhouette favoring the thinnest part of the leg that tends to be the mid-thigh down.

For example: choose a more larguinha and elongated shirt that covers your legs at the hips or thigh, complementing the look with a long-barreled boots or uncle boots with a beautiful heel, you gain a more longline silhouette. Leave the shirt with a few buttons open at the neckline. Necklines in V format always help to elongate the torso. You can use scarf, if in a cooler season, to protect the neck and put a more elongated cardigan also above the shirt, the overlap of different lengths and fabrics is always a good idea. Remember that you should think well in shades of sweaters and jackets. Shades choices are based on the colors that are in print leggings!


  • Shoes in neutral colors like black and beige
  • High boots
  • Long boots with heels
  • Uncle boots
  • Low boots
  • War boots
  • Sandals with wide straps and heels
  • Tennis as All Star and the like

The shoes follow the same reasoning as the top: try to find the predominant tone of pants and choose shoes in the same color family. On the other hand, it is also possible to combine the shoes with a tone not so prevalent, but to catch attention, for example trousers with floral prints that have small red details, you can put a sweater in neutral tone and red shoes combine with the red pants, so the bottom of the set “talk” to each other and the top does not interfere, only complements.

Black and nude tone shoes shoes are always a good option, paired with most prints and you can even use more creativity in the top of the composition.

Accessories are not left out of the game! If you are wearing dark pants with more discreet or monochrome prints you can abuse the accessories to compose visual. Jeweled necklaces and big earrings leave any look quite stylish! Again, opt for neutral colors like white, shades of gray and black. Now, finally, the bag! With the bag gives to play enough! If you are using sober colors, you can use a colorful bag to create a balanced look and a more cheerful touch to a chic look and a bold handbag always falls nicely.

Choose your favorite prints, abuse of shirts and blouses and more elongated larguinhas as the leggings are snug, use accessories that reflect your personality and enjoy!

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