How to Wear: Sneakers

The reign of the sneakers did not end, still good. Maybe you just changed your crown – white sneakers give way to black sports shoes, which appear mainly in minimalist looks.

How to Wear: Sneakers

In, white sneakers will always have a space in our hearts, but it is the black sneakers that have been drawing more attention in recent times. Brands like Nike and Adidas are investing heavily in basic black, playing with different textures and models, not only to offer extremely comfortable but also super stylish sneakers. Because of the inconspicuous color, and because of this greater acceptance of sneakers in recent times, they can be worn even in a work environment, with blazers.

For more casual occasions, you can invest in a sporty look with black leggings and, instead of the usual sweatshirt, a denim jacket. Skirts and dresses are also welcome. Leather pieces go very well with black sneakers, especially skirts, jackets and pants. Go deep in the black-and-white combination, so timeless, and make a mix with different textures in the same look. To get a little out of the obvious, combine with skirts and long dresses, with slits or not.

1. Black Sports Sneaker with Dress

2. Black Sports Shoes with Skirt

3. Black sports shoes with shorts

4. Sporty black tennis shoe with pants

5. Black sports shoes with jeans