How to Wear the Denim Jacket

We’re breathing sport, 2014 is the year of the World Cup in Brazil, and 2016, Olympics, therefore, it was expected that they invade General and turn the tendency among fashionistas, I’m talking about them, the Varsity Jackets.For those who are not calling “the person”, the Denim Jacket, which translated means ‘ Jeans Jacket ‘, anyway, is this jacket the boys basketball teams, American football and baseball, American schools use.
A little history: they emerged around 1865 in Harvard, where they were used only by players who participated of the major basketball games of that institution and although nowadays it is known as varsity jacket, another common name for the play’s letterman jacket.

How to Wear the Denim Jacket

She is beautiful and super versatile, can be used provided with short shorts jeans as with dress, allowing many different productions.
A tip is to mix the Denim Jacket with more feminine pieces to make that contrast.
Trend of American footprint, the Varsity Jacket is here “coming” and has everything to be a bet for this winter.
They also jumped off the blocks to the wardrobes out there during the years 80s and 90s, but ended up avenging not around here, since you were inspired by the uniform of the Americans.
Today, however, perhaps due to globalisation, the Varsity Jacket is super high outside the territory of Uncle Sam.

They can have coats of arms, initials, numbers and letters and, of course, won, and you can already find reading them with applications and textures.
After appearing in glamorous versions on the catwalks of the world, the jacket becomes one of the darlings of the season.
The fact is that the Denim Jackets are super fun and deprived, enabling looks more comfortable and casual, or even pass a retro air and, at the same time, college chic.

The Trend of Logorrhea
The Denim Jacket can complement a look basiquinho in the days of cold, but also create looks more chic and unusual as, for example, opposed to leather pants, silk shirts, delicate dresses, pleated skirts, shirts and even social.
Celebrities, of course, have already joined the trend.
Feet, depending on the style to be adopted, can wear sneakers or pumps.
And of course men don’t were left out of this trend, and can also bet without fear on Varsity Jacket, with matching pants or jeans and chino more casual shoes or tennis shorts, but, of course, without forgetting to perfect in accessories such as glasses, watch and Briefcase/backpack.

And there, ready to join the trend?!

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