How to Wear Transparent Clothes

They’re here giving a special touch last spring, became the sensation of the summer and are already super priced for next season. The transparency back for good and doing the head of many women and, of course, men. This trend, which has been used by our grandmothers, always returns to runways with new styles and combinations. But the purpose is the same: to make women more sensual and feminine at the same time.

Before transparency was being represented with rents and applications, for the winter 2012 is more daring, with lightweight fabrics and

overlays. She may be present not only as details in clothing as, also, be found in a whole piece. The idea is to leave the body, but keeping the class and common sense, always. In the main national and international parades, we could see the transparency on the sleeves, dresses, skirts and pants. But we also found these same parts fully transparent, but with clothes to complement the look and let out only what is necessary.

To get into the coldest season of the year in fashion, bet on revealing parts. Remember those clothes with income you have in the cupboard, bought in the summer? You can take advantage of all of them. Just combine some coat, scarves and handkerchiefs.

But, of course, some rules are essential in time to put a transparency. Although match with both day and night, there are parts for the clear sky and parts to be used only after sunset. Otherwise, you’re going to be or look like you came out from the party and went straight to work, or even those who do not want to get ready for the party.

The interesting thing is that you can mix colors. For example, put a white dress with a transparent black sopreposição. If the piece is translucent white, increases the ways of combinations and options. Then, just remember the tones that are good with others, go to the mirror experiment and see what looks best on you.

For rock day

Despite being winter, for the day is best to choose the clothes with lighter tones and sober, which are prone to 2012. As I said earlier, can combine with dark piece, just wondering harmonize colors. The tissues should have movement, being lighter and not so fair to the body. If you’d like to make the waist, abuse of belts, which keep all next season.

To work, you can opt for a transparent shirt buttons and long sleeve with a shirt without decolleté, below. To complete, a tailor and a scarpan type pants. If not to get too comfortable as well on the desktop, you can put a satin shirt, slightly transparent and a jacket on top.

Out in the afternoon, a sleeveless dress beneath another transparent with long sleeves will be a charm. Another good option is a short jeans, see-through blouse with flower pattern and a pregnants long chemisette skin color underneath.

To rock night

At night you can dare a little more transparency. You can even mix it with sparkles. But anything exaggeration. Let the bright elements for the transparent parts. A transparent dress with bright flowers, for example, is great on top of a dress more fair and smooth.If the bottom part is a strapless, will be magnificent!

Another option that would look fabulous is the long skirt overlaid with a transparent opaque liner short, same color matching with a blouse with print and a high heels, you’ll be ready for any party. If you want to get away from the cold, bet on knitting or crocheting, it looks good as much as skirt like blouse.

Do not open the hand shows only the arms or lap. Just like in spring and summer, this model of dress and blouse with lace will be present in winter. So, you’ll be charming, feminine and sleek in the measure.

General Tips for transparent parts

People, no hanging around with a very stylish transparent blouse and an old BRA, or sexy or even full of details. Remember: lingerie is lingerie and should only be revealed in intimate moments. It’s not elegant and, in many cases, becomes vulgar. Better to opt for a well-behaved pregnants long chemisette and lisa. But if you really want to leave your BRA on display, place a well behaved.

The color is your criteria, but if you want to attract attention without becoming, say, a point of reference, choose the same color for both parts. In other words, a transparent black shirt is much better with a black pregnants long chemisette. The same goes with white. The colorful already have a little more flexibility, but are best with black, white and nude, to break the strong tone. Remember that fashion of shirt and top of citrus color? Isn’t that worth for winter 2012. Leave these tops and reuse their tops. They will be beautiful with a white top.

If you’re overweight, nothing to put transparent parts leave the fat on display. In the same way that you disguise the excesses with other types of clothing, should do the same with transparency. Want a good tip? Take the opportunity to use a girdle or corset underneath the clothes. In addition to refine the silhouette, won’t let the clothes selected. But none of those beige postpartum straps! Choose something simple. The beige only if below another piece opaque.

Accessories are great and help to enhance any look. But beware! If the piece has applications and sparkles, choose Add-ons, they will not fight for the attention of the outfit. Remember: less is always more.

If you don’t like large necklines, don’t fool yourself thinking that transparency will solve the problem. As its name indicates, the garment is to leave part of the body. That is, the neckline will continue being great and runs great risk of being vulgar.

Now it’s run to the wardrobe and choose the best combination. You sure you’re going to kill them!