How to Wear White Shirt Man

Schildow (dpa/tmn) – Below Drunter without? When asked whether men under the white shirt still need to wear something that is the quality of the shirt in focus. The skin should not shine through by the substance.

“It is very fine and can see the skin, or any hair under it, as an undershirt or shirt is a fancier solution”, explains the expert style Inka Müller-Winkelmann from Schildow (Brandenburg). Here, the under shirt can be seen a bit.

In addition, the shirt absorbs moisture and thus ensures that the shirt does not stick to the body. A t-shirt also has the advantage that the underarm sweat enters there – so not yellow at this point about the time and the shirt.

A chic white shirt with open collar and a white check shirt underneath to seeing that condition even dressed stylish and sporty, the style expert. This works well in black and black. Not going against letting the top collar button open when simultaneously wearing a tie. “That always looks sloppy.” Also, the buttons on the shirt may tighten never: knowing collar size and shirt form, therefore is a must for men.