HTC Desire Eye Phone to Uber-Selfies [First Look]

First small look at HTC’s new phone, which equally would like to take pictures of you as it in front of the.

The word ‘selfie’ almost fall over one’s head, when you consider the HTC Desire Eye-phone with 13MP front camera. Selfies wins more and more ground, and it is will HTC exploit with their latest phone.

There are full cube on the camera on the front, and there is not saved on the features on the front page either. It is a fully equipped camera, and not a scaled-back one of its kind, as we see in other smartphones.

Video and images takes up a great deal in today’s smartphone use, and therefore it might be a good move by HTC to come up with a phone that provides equally good pictures of you, as you take pictures of. where we look at selfie-phone of them all.

Specifications of HTC Desire Eye

Goal: 151.7 x 73.8 x 8.5 mm
Weight: 154 g
Screen: 5.2 “Full HD
CPU: Snapdragon 801 2, 3 GHz quad-core
Memory: 2 GB
Storage: 16 GB, microSD to 128 GB
Network: 2 g, 3 g, 4 g/LTE
Camera: 13MP head, 13MP front
Battery: 2400mAh
Operating system: Android with HTC Sense
Other: Ipx7-certified, HTC Eye Experience, Boom Sound, NFC

Success Interior – betting exterior

Looking at the specifications, and have a good memory, so you will remember that HTC One (M8) have almost identical specifications. There are very few points, where the two differ from each other.

The same memory, same processor, and many things are very comparable with the storr cheese HTC One (M8), but nevertheless it is two very different phones.

Where HTC Desire Eye hope to always be able to give a good picture, though one so located and soak up poolside, or whether one must hurry down to the bus in the rain, which is HTC One (M8) the more stylish, more after a first class “look and feel.”

Effective and fresh design

There is no aluminium rear panel finding on the HTC Desire Eye, but it is there for a reason. The phone is waterproof, and it is the even without the flaps, which Sony has used for their solution. Like Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini, so there is nothing covering over microUSB socket.

It is therefore also not visible at first glance that there is indeed Boom Sound in the phone. It has been tucked away, so there is no gushing water into the holes to the speakers – but they are inside behind.

Due to the restrictions that are at an event the size of the, as HTC kept, then it was not practically possible to hear how the hidden Boom Sound sounded, but it will be tested as soon as possible.

HTC Desire Eye will come in two farverarianter-a white front and rear with orange edge, and one in dark blue with light blue border and bluish white home.

Front camera is as good as hoped

Again there are restrictions by an event like HTC’s, and therefore, they managed only to get 2 images from the famous 13MP front camera – but immediately it looks really good.

Details are good, even if the lighting conditions are challenging to say the least, in surroundings like these, and it is without a doubt a camera that can easily cope with a wide range of front cameras on other phones.

HTC Desire Eye are also born with HTC Eye Experience. Right now, it is also the only phone where it can be obtained, but the features of Eye Experience will come to the newer HTC smartphones.

One of the things one can with HTC Eye is to cut itself into a picture you take with the back of the camera.It takes a little practice to get it to look the way you want to, but I have tried me – without much luck.

In addition, you will also be able to experience, for example, to melt faces together, taking pictures with the camera on both the front and the back at the same time, taking pictures as in a fotobås, as you might have seen in American films, and several other things.

HTC Desire Eye will be to buy in Denmark before the end of the year, and HTC has set an indicative price at 4199 crowns.