HTC Eye Experience-Not Just Megapixels

In connection with the HTC Desire and HTC RE there came also Eye a somewhat more diffuse size, namely Eye Experience.

It’s not just about megapixels, when HTC chatting about their Eye Experience, so it’s all about what one can do with his pictures. And part of it can be located in HTC’s Zoe-app that provides equal video montages a social dimension.

With Zoe Highlights, it is possible to look at other people’s art, which has been used in their collections, and then you can borrow or add, as it will be for football match was in the Park, but was not even a good picture of Denmark’s sejrsmål, so you can see if other people have. So is it just to borrow it and use the image in its own Zoe.

HTC also has a lot of features in Eye Experience, tailored to the HTC Desire Eye, but which also comes to HTC’s other phones. The focus is on front camera, and therefore is the best result in HTC Desire Eye where the Eye Experience is baked in advance.

Focus on the face

Eye Experience is face-centered, and it is very natural, but it works. It could our site experience for myself in New York, where HTC had invited. By video call software will even find out that we are in the process of just a video call and give you the opportunity to follow your face. It works as it should, and it can register up to 4 faces at the same time.

There is also the possibility to cut itself into on pictures taken with the camera on the back. It is hard to do naturally, as can be seen on our first look at the HTC Desire Eye, but it can give some funny pictures.

It has been seen before, that one can record video with both cameras at the same time, and it can also be in HTC’s Eye Experience, but there is also the possibility to make the offset. Recorder to the daughter’s match point in tennis, it’s a bad idea to comment on live, but with the possibility of making the offset, you can wait for a more appropriate time. And of course you can also take pictures with both cameras at the same time.

HTC Eye Experience also makes it possible to take a selfie, which will be taken automatically when the phone will be kept quiet. So one should not to fiddle with nedtællinger or buttons.

Photo adventures to all

HTC’s Zoe-app is already out to all Android phones running version 4.3 or later, and it is because, everyone should be able to be there come even a version for iOS 7 and 8, so iPhone users will not get scammed.

The same applies for RE-app for HTC’s RE-camera, and it is a significant thing about it working with images. It should be easy, not everyone will in and tinker with settings and make the great finishing.

Zoe-app provides an easy way to cut audio, photos and videos together, and HTC RE also has a very simple control. There are only 2 buttons on the camera. The kids just need to be able to take the camera, and then it works, and when you’ve got its images, so it should be easy to put them together.

And then you should be able to show what you want to. And it is rare shaken selfies or video call with grandmother, where one’s head jumps in and out of the picture. That is what HTC Eye Experience.