HTC Nexus 9-First Look at Google’s Luxury-Tablet [Web]

HTC Nexus 9 is the tablet that brings out the best from Google and HTC together. Here are our first impressions.

Follow the mobile industry closely are Nexus-news is always worth a detour, here closes Google always up for the full potential of their Android operating system for mobile devices.

Approximately every year rats Google it along with a manufacturer that develops the hardware for Google software. This year Google would replace their aging high-end tablet, Nexus 10, and a collaboration with Taiwanese HTC was for.

HTC is no debutant in the field of high-end products, and has previously been behind the first Android phones in the animal segment. It is, therefore, an old flame who revived, and HTC Nexus 9 is the result. HTC is proud of the result and invite to London where we get our first meeting with the upcoming luxury tablet.

HTC Nexus 9 specifications

Target: 228 x 154 x 7.9 mm, 425 grams (LTE: 436 grams)
Display: 8.9 inch, 2 k (2048 x 1536) resolution, 281 PPI
Camera: 8 MP, 1, 9MP front
Performance: Nvidia tegra K1 2.3 Ghz dual-core, 2 GB RAM, Kepler DX1 graphics
Storage space: 16/32 GB
Battery: 6700 mAh
Software: Android Lollipop 5.0
Moreover: front-facing Boom Sound stereo speakers, NFC.

Along with the upcoming topmobil Nexus 6, the new Nexus-duo introduce new formats to Google-enthusiasts. Nexus 6 possesses a giant screen, while Nexus 9 offers content in 4:3 format, like in Apple’s iPads.

The first impression is of a device that finds itself in the midst of Apple’s iPad Air and iPad mini. The more rectangular screen of 8.9 inch, the rich but natural colours and the black frame with narrow sides, reminds all about Apple’s popular tablet devices. Weight of 425 grams is approaching on the other hand, dangerously close to the larger iPad Air 2 ‘s 433 grams.

As soon as the Tablet turned over ending the confusion is concerned, the back is made of a soft-touch plastic, which evokes associations with Nexus 5. It is non-slip, but not nearly as feather-light and exclusive as in Apple’s Air 2. A metal frame around the Tablet, however, Nexus makes 9 to a more elegant size than Google’s budget-friendly Nexus 7.

Extra equipment wisely

The rigid metal gives off at the same time, an aura of durability, which besides being heavily featuring neat tricks with the HTC’s origami art. Strategically placed folds in the suede-lined protection, makes the cover can support tablet, both when lying down, or as an easel. Must take pictures can corner easily bent, and it leaves room for an ambitious camera.

The camera has a prominent role in Nexus 9 ‘s backside, where two large metal rings around emphasizing the camera’s ambitions. With 8 megapixels f/2.4 lens and a dedicated flash approaching the also what mobiles as Nexus 5 houses. Nexus 9 focuses too quickly, and the first shots already revealed an excellent quality.

Quick access to the camera is not a priority, there may instead be wagered on folio-art, which houses the keyboard, battery and the NFC chip for mating with Nexus 9. The cover turns Nexus 9 to mini-laptop and although the keys are small, they shall give a reasonable click response and can commit to more than short e-mails or messages.


Media machine with bundtræk

A Tablet’s primary purpose is ever-web, games and entertainment. Nexus 9 puts here up to dance with his dobbeltløbbede and front-facing speakers, and in the best tradition of playing the Sound Boom out loud, with good reproduction of bass and a clear sound.

To the play happy is NVIDIA’s newly developed K1-chip, a dobbeltkernet processor with 64-bit architecture, which like in Apple’s A8 processor achieves a performance step which until now has been reserved for the genuine laptops. In Nexus 9 is ticking, however, at 2.3 GHz processor, significantly faster than in Apple’s A8 ditto.

Graphics-portion is signed by Nvidia, a specialist in the field of graphics, with years of tradition for optimizing graphics for both Pcs and consoles. The graphics chip is also based on Kepler architecture, the same as is found in both laptops and gaming PCs.

To operate the games and websurfen for hours on end is the battery at 6700 mAh, a capacity which again finds himself in the middle between iPad and iPad mini.

A possible hit

After the brief meeting with Nexus 9 is predominantly positive impression, but at the same time raises the product some questions.

First and foremost, trailing Google’s range of tablet-apps for Apple’s ditto, formerly the cheap Nexus-tablets convince customers into the Android tablet-ecosystem, and thus also the developers.

And that brings us to the price. Nexus 9 is priced as a high-end product, but price sign is still dangerously close to Apple’s iPad Air. With the smaller selection of apps to Nexus 9 in a big way to sell themselves on the performance, sound and hopefully Lollipop software that convinces.

Unfortunately, the meeting with HTC Nexus 9 fleetingly, but will come back strong with a full review of Google’s luxury-tablet in the coming weeks.

HTC Nexus 9 is offered in 3 variants: 16 GB, 32 GB and 32 GB + LTE respectively 2890.0-DKK, 3,690.0-DKK and 4,190.0-us.