HTC One M8: 6 Top Tips For Photographing

With the camera of HTC one M8 doubtless very good photos can be shoot. Who knows however exactly the functions of its camera app, can be made even better good photos. In the following guide we give you practical tips on how you get the perfect snapshot with the HTC one M8.

HTC One M8: 6 Top Tips For Photographing

Maximize Focus And Sharpness

The auto focus of your HTC one M8 works best with a motive that moves too much. Type in the viewfinder on the area you want to focus, to change the focus. If the object should move, then going on as well, but keep your finger on the screen instead of just typing. So, you lock the focus.

HTC One M8 6 Top Tips For Photographing

The sharpness of an image you can manually adjust it by finishing in the top app. You can also change the sharpness before taking a picture in the camera settings of your HTC one M8. Generally speaking, it is better to sharpen a blurry image, rather than to reduce the sharpness in an image.

Optimally Illuminate Photos With The HTC One M8

If your image appears to be underexposed, or in the viewfinder too dark, then tap a portion of the image, which is located in the shade. Vice versa, you must tap on a well exposed object in the image, if the subject seems to be overexposed. Focus your HTC one M8 on an object with a neutral shade, to achieve a balanced exposure. Notice, however, that the tapping of the other object can change the focus from the actual subject.

If your photo when using the default settings is always still too dark, then moves to the night scene, according to usprivateschoolsfinder. Sets your HTC one M8, then at a time, on a level surface to avoid camera shake.

The HDR mode used if located in bright areas of the image in the shadow and other parts. As a result, multiple shots with different exposures are produced and then joined together to a single shot. Sure to hold the HTC one M8 when using your HDR.

General Tips For Photographing With The HTC One M8

To be able to better capture the motive or improve, the composition types in the camera settings on the ‘Grid’. If you type in the “Image adjustment” camera settings, you can customize both the contrast and the saturation and sharpness before taking the picture. Contrast, brightness and other settings you can continue to edit also upon admission into albums.


  • Hold objects in the viewfinder to lock focus
  • Before taking a picture you can adjust the sharpness in the camera settings of HTC one M8
  • A motive when using the default settings looks too dark, then switches to night mode
  • Used the HDR mode in scenes with changing light conditions. So multiple images with different exposures are shot and put together into a single image
  • Various settings can be edited after the recording in the top app