HTC One M8 Dual Sim: Business Mobile in Alu-Suit [Test]

HTC are not strangers in Dual SIM world and turns sharply with HTC One M8.

There was a time when mobiles with the SIM kortstvillinger was reserved for the price scraped. We were not allowed the luxury of both private and work phone – it had to be towed and keeping track of two units.

In Denmark, there has neither been a big focus or needs, but the truth is that many, for example, live in Malmö, but works in Copenhagen. It would then be smart with a phone which did not have to switch SIM cards or to keep track of two phones.

HTC comes to the rescue. As it was done with the first One-line version of HTC, HTC genleveret its flagship of a design gem – two SIM cards, two antennas. The original HTC One M8 was launched in March, and four months after getting Dual SIM version.

Our site takes a closer look at whether working the phone must be switched out for aluminum-beauty. That is why in this review will be greater focus on whether HTC One M8 Dual SIM serves as private and working phone. You can read our in-depth review here.

Retained design – hurray!

HTC has maintained the sublime piece of design work.

With its 160 grams and a backside that rescheduled by 90% light weight aluminum, there is nothing saved on this top model. You can in this game not ane difference on the two variants, unless one with magnifying glass observe the size of SIM card tray.

There is space for two signal-generating maps side by side, both of which are of Nano-SIM caliber. On the previous model (M7) revealed the phone its capabilities by having removable back cover, as well as a plastic edge to ensure communication.

You will find here only the familiar plastic render on the back, which ensures signal access through the polished aluminum.

In addition, Single and Dual SIM versions identical, but unfortunately, the unattainable power button is still located at the top of the long device, which makes it a challenge to get life in éneren.

Fortunately exists “Exercise Launch” there with various swypes or double dot can wake the screen from his NAP.


Well treated for the long trip

When the living room altar is not nearby, providing HTC for multimedia experience. Dual SIM version exists in both 16 and 32 GB of internal storage, but thanks to a MicroSD companion you can extend all the way up to 128 GB for your film to romp on.

Should this not be enough, HTC dropped Dropbox in favor of Google Drive, in which you are given an additional 50 GB skyplads.

It is not only the back is adorned with quality materials, since the 5 “large screen front are in particular also first class.

With Full-HD (441 PPI), perfectly balanced colors and enjoyable viewing angles is HTC One M8 an exquisite pleasure to read the latest or consider Ninja Turtles doling out beatings.

When you are up to and including surrounded by the really acclaimed Boom sound-højtaleres crispy sound, it only contributes to a more immersive experience. HTC sits so still on lydtronen in phone format.Also helps 2.5 V amplifier the headphones Jack you, to a lydstærk experience when the tones must be kept private.

Always fresh and productive

HTC has blessed Dual SIM version with the same impressive mechanics as his brother. One finds for Qualcomm Snapragon 801 processor which is spread over four strong cores that provide you with 2.3 GHz.

The visuals supplied by Adreno 330 graphics in collaborations with 2 GB of Ram, which did not match competitors ‘ choice of 3 GB. However, we must not allow ourselves to disappoint, because HTC One M8 is fast-very fast.

You experience no kind of hoe and the trunk, on the contrary, a blazing fast and smooth experience of use. From morning to evening strutter business phone with profits, so much you get used to not be forced to close its open programs.

When it kicks or drive fast in graphics-intensive games, you will experience no trips, and in interaction with the 2600 mAh large battery should not be worried about the shutdown.

The battery is as its RAM on paper not in par with those of their competitors, but follows easily with in practice. The two antennas and SIM card consumes only marginally on the flow, and you can easily pick up a half-day use of the President’s home.


Sharp sixth sense

The original HTC One M8 has just received the latest Android version, denominated in 4.4.4.

Here have Dual SIM users so far look happy with 4.4.2, but can we do without HTC Eye Experience a bit yet, is it not more revolutions, the new update brings.

HTC provides as well for the user experience using. their own skin on Android as well as news reader Blinkfeed.

You can personalize your phone with tradition, several widgets, home screens and browse through color themes. That reclines close to Google’s original desired design lines, so everything appears manageable, stylish and minimalist.

Furthest to the left on your home screen, you will find the Blinkfeed. This service consolidates all social and news media together on a vertical scrolling platform – nice and uncluttered.

Since the phone most likely will be used by busy businessmen, would an addition of user profiles have been saved to keep the many information separated.

We had in the HTC One M7 view themselves satisfied with 3 g where M8’eren has gotten a welcome speed boost in the form of 4 g.

The primary SIM card allows you so full speed access and is therefore also HD Voice capable. On the other hand, only allows the secondary data and talk through the 2 g network, which on paper robs the possibility for crystal clear speech.

In practice, however, no one notices the swinging sound quality, and HTC One is doing a good work to weed out noise on both ends of the line.


Still Ultrapixels

Although HTC gave a 13 MP camera in the mini version, they have therefore retained the discussion-generating ultrapixels.

We must, therefore, be content with the meager but light-sensitive 4 MP in HTC One M8 Dual SIM. HTC’s argument is that the vast, vast majority of our phone pictures, neither will be printed out at poster size, or cropped beyond recognition. Thus, it is more important to get the camera to provide well in all lighting conditions – and then there are fewer pixels.

The camera produces some beautiful and colourful images, but detajlegraden lags a bit after the competition.

Dual SIM version has however still two cameras at the rear, of which the second and smaller camera captures 3D data to the image. One can therefore play with the image’s focus point after the picture is taken.

The question is whether it would be smart to save the other camera away or to replace the entire camera-Séance to usual, since the extra details thereof, it would be useful to have, for example, Conference photos.

Front camera produces extremely satisfactory images with its 5MP and extra know angle.

What can create undring is HTC’s opting out of optical beetle destabilization in M8, despite that his predecessor held it.

This means that natural shaking hands not be helped in the same way, and therefore easier to suffer from the video portion of the image. Filmed with Full-HD and 30 fps.



Since there were no first-class phones that could manage the private and business in one, chosen to forge One M8 HTC Dual SIM – and they have done to the UG.

With its critically acclaimed and alluring aluminum casing, fit beauty to any white-collar pocket. To get both a portable multimedia experience that can entertain on the go, prompt service and a marathon runner by a battery that only marginal notes of the two antennas. Therefore, we must not fear the dependency of the nearest electrical outlet.

As with the last generation are Dual-SIM version more expensive — in this case, with the 800.0-crowns and one should therefore with approximately 5000.0-crowns. You are therefore in the expensive end of the scale, but you have to have the same experience costs two phones together this quickly. We just have the pleasure to hold it all together.

HTC has, despite its economic difficulties, genleveret a flagship with the same capabilities – and just adding an extra antenna and SIM tray. Large cadeau for the company in order to remember this niche category.

HTC One M8 Dual SIM therefore gets 6 out of 6 stars.

The phone is only available in the color “Gunmetal grey”.