HTC One M9

Goldgenie’s name should be familiar to users who know the smartphone gold plated versions of the major manufacturers. A treatment that turns the seat of numerous top smartphone range with a finish that will be pleasing to users who appreciate the noble material.

HTC One M9

That HTC One M9 falls within the set of supported devices from Goldgenie is nothing new–we talked about it a few days ago -but new special Limited Edition created by the company to commemorate CecileZhoushan. A lion whose killing has recently hit the public, turning into a real media event that does not let the merits (just a quick search on Google for information about each other and develop their own belief).

The particular version shows the image of Cecil engraved in the back of the body, together with the sentence ‘ For Cecil and his kingdom. Like all other products by Goldgenie 24 karat gold finishes.

We leave to the reader the task of choosing, depending on its sensitivity, the more appropriate term to define the proposed Goldgenie. The objective data about the high cost of the Special Edition of top range HTC, 1897 euros (same price as the Gold version not dedicated to Cecil) , of which, according to state farm, 10% will be donated to the Association Friends of Hwage(the official website – eZhoushan).

Please note that HTC has no direct involvement in the initiative and that therefore operates in full autonomy in Goldgenie editing tasks in One M9.

HTC One M9 is available online from the onlinestore at 415 euros or Unieuro in 490 euros.The price is decent and there are 6 better models.