HTC RE-Video Should Be Easy [First Look]

The first step into the world of camera offers simple control and coherence with the smart phone for HTC with HTC RE.

On stage in New York told HTC, how to have the choice to record what is happening around one or to experience it, and then it is gone forever. It will make up with HTC in the form of HTC RE designed to make it simple to capture the important moments on video.

HTC RE designed to be naturally in the hand, and with only 2 buttons can even the slightest help, when to record video.

There will be also placed great emphasis on the fact that with a lens that captures in a 146-degree angle, so it is difficult to frame next to it, you want to capture.Just the camera turns any groves against where it happens, then it comes in other words with the pictures.

Action, but not only to the extremes

The current action cameras caters largely to those who grow extreme sports. Whether it is to raft down a torrential River or climbing a rock wall, so it is often the images from these cameras, but HTC RE is not only to them — they are for everyone.

Partly due to the simple management, so hope HTC that RE will be the camera to use, when children have to inflate birthday shining out when children must be filming each other, or when you have to catch the reaction on a Danish scoring in the match.

HTC, who invited our site to the presentation in New York, also hope that the simple way to view and edit videos from RE will give the camera a more broad appeal. With the corresponding app, it is not necessary to connect the camera to a pc, it all can be done wirelessly and from your phone.

Fine features for a little of each

A popular feature that gets a lot of attention at the moment is the timelapse videos. Here can also be with the HTC RE be just up from the phone app. Who chooses you how many images and interval, and then it may otherwise just stand for themselves.

RE can also be set to sync when there will be a wi-fi connection, and therefore it is not necessary to have a smart phone with them when you need to record something. MicroSD card up to 128 GB are supported, and therefore one can easily take it with you to the beach without the phone, so it does not run the risk of drowning.
Slow motion is also a part of HTC RE, and this is controlled directly on the camera. There are only two buttons, one to take pictures, and one to tell, whether it should be slow motion.

Some sensors also tells the camera, whether it is being used, and when it is not in use, so it may go into a deep sleep to conserve battery life. You take hold of it, then wake it myself and is ready for recording.

A feature that is already being worked on from HTC is the ability to live-stream. With the help of YouTube, it will be possible for others to follow with live when slide the trip must start, or when the child’s football game will be here in time.

A little action, however, there

As you might have guessed from Beach-preview, so there’s little action over HTC RE. It is waterproof with an IP67 certification, so that it can go down to 1 m depth for 30 minutes. In addition, you can buy a hood that increases the certification to IPX8, so one can actually dive with HTC RE.

HTC has also different mounts, so you will be able to tighten the camera fixed to the helmet to American football, or put it on the bike before the ride in the Woods on the mountain bike.

And have you strapped the camera firmly and recorder, then shuts off it of course not, even if you don’t keep on it.

HTC opens up

Some companies have it a lot with keeping their software and hardware for themselves. It works only with the things that come from the same company. That is not the case with HTC RE and its app.

The app comes as for all newer Android phones, and it also comes to iPhones. Windows Phones are not on the drawing board right now, but it is a question of resources and not a lack of will.

In addition, HTC also up for RE and opens the app’s SDK and API so that developers will be able to find exciting new things to use the camera and the app to.

May to november

There are no set a clear date for when HTC will send HTC RE on the street in Denmark, but at world level, the camera will start to be sold in november. However, it is sure that HTC will launch it before the end of the year, just like with the HTC Desire Eye.

HTC RE has set a price of HTC even gotten on 1695 kroner, and it will come in the colors if, orange, teal and dark blue.