Huawei Mate Touch Screen

A new indiscretion would confirm the possibility that the new Huawei Mate S may supplement a technology similar to Force Touch of Apple. It is a Touch Screen control system first used on Apple Watch and that soon may also arrive in the smartphone world with new iPhone 6s.

If with iOS we already know roughly what will be on Android software implementations, it’s hard to imagine how the various producers will exploit this technology since everyone can customize their interface offering very different features.

According to the network, namely through the alleged data sheet of an online retailer (and for that matter at the moment cannot be classified as reliable information), the new Mate S may integrate technology Force Touch bringing for the first time in the Android market this solution (assuming that other smartphones Asians arrive before IFA).

The alleged technical Mate S would be:

  • -5.7-inch Full HD Touch Screen Force
  • -HiSilicon Kirin K935 octa-core processor
  • -20MP rear camera, 8MP front camera
  • -3 GB RAM, 64GB ROM
  • -The safe and fast rear fingerprint scanner
  • FDD-LTE 4 g network-Support

Curious to understand how it will be implemented the FT on Smartphones, we’ll see if Huawei has already integrated into a commercial product. It only remains to wait for the next 2 September, the day that Huawei will announce its new device.

Huawei Mate touch screen smart watch is available online to 339 euro. The value for money is discreet.There are 31 better models.