Huawei Smartwatch vs Apple Watch

Watch Huawei improves the Moto 360 and presents a smartwatch that will speak volumes

A few hours before the official start MWC15 of Barcelona, Huawei has unveiled its first smart watch and we can assure that the thing from now promises. Dubbed Huawei Watch this smartwatch follows in the footsteps of other devices like the Moto 360, LG G Watch R or LG Watch Urbane , the first clearly one of their referents, and offers a design to match the best smartwatch market with a format like both: the Circular.

Indeed, the Huawei Watch is a new smartwatch has a circular design that will remind us enormously to the Moto 360, especially for its polished edges, the bright silver of its stainless steel and the only button on the right side. However, unlike the guys from Motorola, this watch outperforms its benchmark in many things, but go by parts.

First, we can finally say that we have a complete sphere, rather than on the Moto 360 was not possible due to the small black strip that the company added in the bottom of the sphere to place electronic components. Huawei has promised that the 42mm diameter is the perfect size for both men and women, something we can not judge until you try.

The screen also is better protected in this Huawei Watch, as it has coverage sapphire crystal, something found in few smartwatch right now. As for belts, following the line of Apple Watch, a wide range of them can be offered to exchange them at will, although it is still not entirely clear whether also be compatible with the classic straps.

Sapphire crystal screen full diameter 42 mm, interchangeable straps and Android Wear, anyone more?

The device will be available in three different colors-silver, black and gold-a more than reasonable initial offer to which we must add the countless watchfaces to give personality to our watch. Other major advantages of this smart watch are that it incorporates Android Wear, the great abandoned by companies smartwatch lately, something we should ensure a good future support.

For now we know technical specifications, pricing or availability , but we’ll know in a few days in the MWC15 we encourage you to follow us. Of course, the thing in the smartwatch market will get very interesting in the coming months and it looks like the Apple Watch is going to be really difficult.