Humble Bundle 7 for Android Is out Now

Six games for less than 35 bucks, including the classic Worms 2: Reloaded and the popular role-playing games The Bard’s Tale.

Game happy Android fans will now have the possibility to buy six titles for less than 35 bucks, for those who still do not know how it works, so choose an amount and decide how the money is to be distributed between developers and charity.

You pay more than average (right now button 34.0-NOK) you get two more games on top of the hat.

The games are:
Ticket To Ride (normally,-40.50): a popular game where you must build train routes against other players.

Greed Corp (usually 6.0): strategy game with excellent graphics.

Incredipede (usually 3.43,-): Puzzle game where you have to make your own creature as scan through a range of courses

Anodyne (not on Google Play yet): Adventure game ala Zelda.

Is paid more than the average gets you:

Worms 2: Armageddon (usually 6.0): the classic Worms game probably need no introduction.

The Bard’s Tale (usually 17.01,-): Classic action-RPG.

The games are also not locked to the Android platform, they can also be downloaded from the Steam so that they can be enjoyed on your PC as well as telephone.

Usually these games would cost in the region of 100 dollars so it is certainly a good deal if you are interested in some of the titles.

In the video below you can see an introduction to the various games.