I Choose Microfiber Towel!

In any sport that we practice today, a basic towel is, either to put up the gym mat, to dry us sweat over an elliptical, us dry after the shower or use it in the pool… so I want to tell you about the benefits of Microfiber towels, a basic in any athlete’s backpack!

Its lightness and compactness make it ideal to carry it anywhere, since it allows you to carry 175 × 110 cm towel as described in useful cloth is folded and occupy less than 30 cm and even wet weight is much lower than conventional toweling.

Ultra-drying thanks to its fabric, is a towel that dries the skin very quickly and when we have to leave to dry, dries quickly.

Sweat absorption ideal for going to the gym and drying the sweat while we are doing any exercise.

Antibacterianas thanks to its tissue, They have antibacterial properties and collect better dirt.

Are available in 4 different sizes. This allows you to find the ideal size for every moment, for example:

Size S: it is a face towel size, perfect to remove sweat or dry face.

Size M: ideal for lay on top of the mat dries or kink in the hair.

Size L and XL: would be a good size for drying the body after shower or to take it to the beach or travel.

On the other hand, there are other kinds of towels, also Microfiber but long hair. These are also ideal for any use in daily life and combine many advantages such as:

Its main advantage is its softness and comfort, is a towel that thanks to its touch provides a very pleasant feeling when using it and a good chill.

While they are not as compact as the previous ones, they are also fairly compact and light.

There are different sizes also as as they are size L and XL, but we also incorporate a size which is ideal for dry hair, since thanks to its morphology perfectly rolled hair, wrapped it and close it with a button.

As you can see, either of the two options are ideal to incorporate into our daily routine. If you have not tried them what are you waiting for? What is the perfect size for your activity?

Until the next post!