I Forgot the Password of My Windows Phone. What to Do?

Windows Phone can have the screen locked by password, as a means of security that protects your equipment and your information. Only the person who knows the password can use the device. But it can happen the person own the phone forget password of the device. And if this happened, it is not necessary to go into despair: you have a few options to recover your device.

I Forgot the Password of Windows Mobile Phone: Be Careful!

Already a number of our readers who have forgotten the password of Windows Phone. And many of them even had a Microsoft account to help with password recovery, or backup data of the appliance.

If you read the manual and follow the instructions on your device the first time you call it, it will suggest you do the Microsoft account or use an existing one. Activate also the automatic backup of contacts, at least. And as soon as you make a password to lock screen, write it down in a place that you can keep. The care the most will save you many headaches down the road.

Unfortunately, you can’t unlock the screen of Windows Phone without losing the data on your device, if you forget your password. Sad.

I Forgot My Password of Windows Phone: Starting the Solutions

Typically, you configure your Microsoft Live account, Hotmail or Outlook account on first Windows Phone configuration. In these accounts, as we speak, you have to activate the automatic backup of contacts. Unfortunately, you cannot use the user name and password to unlock the screen of your Windows Phone. You have to fix the password to unlock the screen by the device itself, and you can’t do that by “outside”.

To unlock the screen, you have to reset your phone to factory settings to unlock the screen. There is no other way to reset the password lock screen on Windows Phone, unfortunately.

WARNING: when using these methods, if you haven’t activated the automatic backup of all the data, you will lose data, pictures, videos, SMS, WiFi passwords, and everything else that was on your mobile. With a backup in the cloud, you can restore the data to your device, then restart. We told you so: nobody said not to follow the instructions in the manual and on the screen when you called your machine the first time.

I Forgot the Password of Windows Phone: Hard Reset

This method returns your phone to factory settings.

Turn off your appliance using the on/off button. Press and hold the volume down button (-) and connect the charger to the phone. You will see a large exclamation point on the screen. Press the following keys in order: more volume (+), volume down (-) on/off switch, volume down (-). The phone will have suffered the hard reset and restart normally, and you will see some gears on the screen.

To redo the password, WRITE IT DOWN somewhere where you won’t forget.

Using the Find My Phone to Give the Hard Reset on Your Windows Phone

Through the Find My Phone, you can use the tool to “erase” remotely. Just make it through the Microsoft Web site.

There, select Windows Phone-> find my main phone and login with your Microsoft account, Hotmail, Xbox, or Outlook that used on Windows Phone, all from your computer. You will see the option to turn off the phone, and Microsoft will send a SMS message to erase your device. This only works if you have “push” notifications connected device configurations, find my phone, send applications to my phone using push notifications. All this can be done by a WiFi network, without the need for 3 g or 4 g connection

In both methods, you will need to reset the phone. Then, your device still present problems, we recommend that you take a Windows Phone, authorized service center to unlock your device.

Unlock your screen? Learned how to avoid this problem?