IDC: iPad Will Lose Market Share

The distance up to the previously dominant lead the iPad becomes less and less-Samsung are close behind, according to new figures.

Apple continues to be the leading manufacturer of tablet market with their popular iPad, but new figures from IDC shows that Android’s competitors are close behind.

The latest figures from IDC shows that the figures for the tablet market in General has grown by 7 percent in the third quarter, which was sold 47.6 million tablets worldwide. It writes

Apple’s iPad has 29.6 percent of the market, but Samsung, which is the closest competitor, is close behind with 20.4 percent. At the same time last year, when Apple was in front with 40.2 percent of the market, while Samsung had only 12.4 percent.

It is thus the lowest market share that Apple has on the tablet market to date. According to IDC, it is probably that Apple has pushed back the launch of iPads to autumn. Sales of the iPad Air has just started today, while iPad Mini with Retina comes for sale later in the month of November.