Ideal Summer Shoes or Sandals on the Scene!

Summer is slowly but surely coming, and it is for most of us the finest seasons ever, certainly can not be overestimated summer tires. This time I post will accommodate a little differently, and I will show you my three favorite types of shoes separately to stand out just shoes alone.

I’ll start with the most beautiful and nejblyštivější, which I recently bought, and it rose espadrilkami on the wedge. Shoes with wedge heels belong to more comfortable arsenal, which I use for the summer, and if it’s even interesting to do, certainly no problem. For Deichmann you can choose from several types and colors. I am most impressed with was pink color, which is also adorned with miniature glitter. These espadrilky look at the leg absolutely wonderful, nice legs and lengthen their indolence contributes wedge in a nice sedmicentimetrové height that ensures stability while walking.

In my summer shoe rack definitely can not miss original sandals heel . They are sold in pink and black. Once I had a choice of several options for me is a decision that you buy, the more difficult. But eventually won the pink ones. Like solutions strap around the ankle, which stabilizes the foot and gives a sense of security when walking. Turning on the quality Velcro. These sandals will use the summer to everyday wear. Sandals are textile and textile just in my opinion, is the right material for the summer. Although they have heel and at first glance it does not seem to feel them when walking as comfortable as if you had booted home slippers.

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In the summer, we can expect plenty of trips or walks, so that in the closet should prevail comfortable shoes. I do not mean all-day treks through the mountains, but rather walking around associated with sitting in gardens. For such occasions I tend strap sandals that look good and are comfortable at the same time. Now these are cognac sandals. I like them lacing and interesting detail in the form of a zipper on the heel. Very easily they are worn and have a low, about 2 cm heel, which is in terms of health for the foot beneficial than when the shoe has no heel.

And what shoes to summer most like you?