Importance of Highlighter

Conceal skin problems with highlighter and concealer

Highlighter makeup products for a radiant appearance. Highlighter, also called effect makeup products or effect products by digo paul dictionary, is the icing on the cake of any make-up. Highlighter is there for any occasion. Add shimmering accents to emphasize certain parts of the face or make your skin shine. Placed in appropriate places, different effects can be achieved. With the highlighter, you can set brilliant effects, giving your skin a light summer tan, or give your complexion a radiant finish. Whether as eye shadow or face powder, concealers, cream or fluid: highlighter products are available in the different versions.

Importance of Highlighter


Correctly apply highlighter

Highlight products not only add accents, but also refine and smooth facial contours. Applying, for example, some powder on your cheekbones, to define them. If you apply some highlighter makeup along the inner angle of the eye, the eyes seem bigger. For cleavage, it is recommended to resort to powder highlighter. Gold nuances, for example, make full cleavage. Vertically applied liquid highlighter makeup on the bridge of the nose, the nose appears visually smaller. Discover the variety of highlighter here in online shop.