Inspiration: Interior Designs with Beige

To be in neutral environments or to create a clean basis for a bold decor, there is no doubt: the beige is wildcard. The tone goes well with strong colors and composes sophisticated designs without loading the environment. Find out which palettes work below and find beautiful interiors in this selection we have prepared in the gallery above.

Here, no boredom. Beige has a classic air that can be harmonized with coffee tones and wood in the monotonous environment.

A black scheme, white and beige is also more subtle and elegant than a palette only with b & w. It is interesting to combine them with wall clock (see, black doors and dark floors, as well as leather and green plants.

Beige wins novelty air mixed with strong and bright colors like pink and orange. The combination of beige, which is a more sober tone with vibrant tones results in an environment full of energy but at the same time sophisticated style, running away from that exaggerated effect. Bet on the combination with red furniture and decorative items.

The beige walls have another effect when mixed with light blue and green hue elements, bringing serenity to the room in question. This combination, which is reminiscent of a beautiful day at the beach, is extremely elegant with natural fiber rugs in pastel hue with neutral colored sofa and cushions or cloths in water green tones, turquoise or indigo blue.

Do you like the ideas? Discover the best type of paint finish for your environment and give a chance to beige .