Intimate Problems that Every Woman Can Understand

When the label says “hand wash only”, your face says, “Although no”

  1. When culotte curls: a tragedy! The winning idea of the culotte is to contain forms but generally does nothing but cover your thighs instead of side B. So when the culotte curls the part on the thighs is covered discovering part of the seat like any other pant. What is the meaning of all this?
  2. When you tap completely change outfits for the simple fact that the underwear is still suitable to wash. You can definitely wear that skirt, if you were in the middle of a faint breeze, the fabric of the skirt would adhere to put yourself in the ass place ranking VPL(Ed V isible P anty L ine: when the pant is clearly seen from under the clothes, usually in skirts / white-colored trousers).
  3. Are you doing the suitcase for a trip, instead of programming the right pairs of panties, you think: “Damn! I’ll get you all!”. Put away 23 pairs of underwear because “you never know” when in fact, ensure that you know…
  4. When your favorite model is not usable touches you fall back on the usual possessions from the Jurassic period and budget problems can not do shopping again. “Even if you fall to pieces, I will always keep with me, my beloved shorts Gap Body.
  5. Pant mad. Why do you have to live in a world where even the pants are at risk of hooking the bra, the dress zip, to the lace top fabric? Such as if they said to NASA: “looks like most of women use a large portion of their time to settle down her pants, even among those with the most turned the bottoms instead of overwhelm patriarchy. How can we change things?” It seems to me an interesting idea.
  6. The sad day when you wear your favorite lingerie coincides with that of the cycle. I use an app on your phone to keep track of the days between courses and the other but unfortunately it did not work and now my favorite pant looks like a prop the Psycho movie. Great!
  7. When you have underpants whose label indicates timidly “hand wash only.” I Tentatively Fuck you. And let me guess, dear pants, you also like me to buy a drying rack to put you out to dry? Ah, aha. Maybe not. I have no intention of hand wash no chapter.
  8. When you wash the inner hand is never really clean, it is always some small stain, and when dry does not smell fresh as it should. So you accanisci and begin to re-wash them like crazy until you return candid; or he gives up and throws it in the washing machine, with the “30 program for delicate”, the end finally.
  9. When the elastic bra and panty decide to stop making the rubber band. It all becomes a hump and a softness on the bust and hips and you become a victim sad and defeated. And you probably also because we feel the look is really tremendous.
  10. I would love to match the slip to the color of the bra, but that means owning the underwear precisely the same color of the bra. And honestly you can never find the right combination in time, given that you have to be out of the house in five minutes. Grab what you can find. As well as.
  11. When you discover a small hole, it’s over. Do you know what that little hole. It ‘s like in the movies happens that the soldier says that his wife is pregnant and the other side the answer is: “Oh, and you will die soon!” The same is when you find a hole in the pants: the sign of a death foretold.
  12. When all the lingerie you have is dirty and you’re undecided between the small hours to wash it all or behave like those girls who buy a new one to replace dirty. Each time the same dilemma.
  13. When looking for sfilarti panties so sexy in front of a guy and you realize that there is a small loss. It ‘s normal, but it just makes you feel great.
  14. Each wheel pairs of underwear around at a cost of 15 euros and 15 million euros. Because? And so small a portion of tissue to cover one of the smallest parts of my body. The socks do not undergo the same treatment of price and yet are made ​​with the same amount of cloth. Those working in the underwear really cares in an iron grip. We must rebel, good Nation, we must rise up!