iPhone 6 Plus: Sleeves Can Interfere With Camera

Certain protective covers can affect the quality of the photos, plus shooting her with the camera of your iPhone 6. It reported at least Stiftung Warentest in its current test Magazine February issue. The magnets, which are used in some Smartphone protective covers were the reason for the phenomenon.

The magnets plus used in some flip cover sleeves for the iPhone 6, usually serve as a locking mechanism. Magnets have but now even in itself, they attract some metals – and of a whole number into a modern Smartphone. That this also plus can affect the camera in the iPhone 6, also Apple itself points out.

Why Just For The iPhone?


iPhone 6 Plus Sleeves Can Interfere With Camera

Magnets do not of course distinguish between Apple and Samsung Smartphone and Apple installed probably also no special metals that do not use other manufacturers. Which is why the camera of the iPhone 6 plus on magnet reacts and delivers also significantly worse pictures may be in their proximity, has a different reason.

Image: http://www.topschoolsoflaw.com/2016/iphone-5-always-is-still-the-most-popular-smartphone-camera_46.html

The large of the two current Apple Smartphones has as one among a few devices with an optical image stabilizer – and he works with a small motor, which aligns the camera flash during recording. Motor and camera are now plus the attraction of a locking magnet in the protective cover of the iPhone 6, this affects may be the alignment of the image stabilizer. The result is a blurred photo. Should video recordings look, however, like here, then it’s probably a bigger problem, not by removing the protective cover, solve it.