iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Can Now Be Pre-Ordered in Denmark

Presale of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus has just kicked off Friday morning at 09:01. See here where you can buy the two iPhones cheaper.

It is no more than two days since Apple unveiled the brand new iPhone 7, and new Denmark is among the countries that get the new top model as the first.

This means that the presale has already starting, not just today, but already at 09:01. Most major Danish telecommunications companies and distributors is, of course, ready to take up the many reservations that are likely to come.

Therefore, the mobile site taken a look Friday morning in the country’s telecommunications companies and dealers to find out where you can find iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus at the best price.

Below follows an overview of telecommunications companies’ prices on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus with 32 GB of storage with their cheapest included subscription. Under the telecommunications carriers ‘ prices, see the sharpest prices on iPhone 7 and iPhone with 32 GB, 7 Plus 128 GB and 256 GB storage space with the other vendors that already now accept pre-orders.

NOTE: Prices will be regularly added by the telecommunication companies and retailers, who have yet to publish these.

Pre-order iPhone 7 by the following telecommunications companies

Our site Paid now: 49 kr.
Installments: 240 DKK (24 pp.) or pay $ 5,760.
Abonemnent: 119 DKK
Minimum price: 5,937 kr.
Paid now: 49 kr.
Installments: 285 DKK (24 pp.) or pay 6,840 DKK now
Abonemnent: 119 DKK
Minimum price: 7,017 kr.
Our site Paid now: 49 kr.
Installments: 420 USD/md (12 months) or 210 DKK (24 pp.) or pay 5,240 DKK now
Subscription: 199 DKK
Minimum price: 6,243 kr.
Paid now: 49 kr.
Installments: 500 DKK/md (12 months) or 250 DKK (24 pp.) or pay 6,200 DKK now
Subscription: 199 DKK
Minimum price: us $ 7,203.
Our site Cash price: $ 0.
Installments: 166 DKK (30 pp.) or pay 4,980 DKK now
Subscription: 200 DKK
Minimum price: 6,280 kr.
Cash price: $ 0.
Installments: 199 DKK (30 pp.) or pay us $ 5,970. now
Subscription: 200 DKK
Minimum price: 7,290 kr.
Our site Paid now: $ 1.
Installments: 299 DKK (24 pp.)
Subscription: 503.75 DKK
Minimum price: 6,610.5 us $.
Paid now: $ 1.
Installments: 240 DKK (24 pp.)
Subscription: 548.75 DKK
Minimum price: 7,710.50 us $.
Our site Yet unknown. Waiting list here Yet unknown. The waiting list here
Our site Yet unknown. Presale begins 14.September 23:00. 17:00 Yet unknown. Presale begins 14.September 23:00. 17:00
Our site Waiting list. Sign up here. Waiting list. Sign up here.