iPhone 7 Has Sold 25% Worse Than 6s the First Weekend

Apple has sold 25% fewer iPhone 7 than iPhone 6s, joins an analysis Institute. The future doesn’t look much better, according to a well-known Apple analyst.

If it were up to several of the Danish telecommunications companies, among others. TDC, has iPhone 7 hit with Danes, but globally Apple has no reason to cheer. Who looks for appear to have been a decline in the introductory weekend sale.

Since Apple has stopped signing the official figures out from the sale in the first weekend, it is instead the German analysis Institute GfK, which can report about Apple’s initial sales figures. Analysis the Institute, which is the largest in Germany, according to the website Zero Hedge reported a decline of 25% compared to sales of iPhone 6s.

Last year was the iPhone 6s sold in the entire 13 million. copies, which is to say that this year has been lashed around 9.8 mio. iPhone 7-copies of the disc.

Apple-Analyst: Apple will sell fewer iPhone 7 than 6s

The well-known and not least well-known Apple analyst from KGI analysis Institute, Ming-Chi Kuo, also out that the iPhone 7 are not going to sell better than iPhone 6s. It writes Apple Insider. That looks so appear to be a match between the two reports – something which does not come as a great surprise.

Already back in the month of April the analyst expected a total sale of iPhones at about 190 – 210 million copies, which three weeks later was reduced further to 190-205 million copies. How many of those who will be represented by iPhone 7, is not by these figures.

New figures from the suppliers of components for the iPhone 7 may, however, give an idea of how many copies Apple plans to sell. From a manufacturer of integrated circuits it sounds according to a report fromDigitimesthat Apple has ordered 50 million. orders for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus to 3. quarter, 45 million. to 4.quarter and 32-37 million. in next year’s 1. on a quarterly basis.

It is reported at the same time that Apple aims to reach 100 million. selling iPhone 7 during the 2016.