Iphone 7 S: State of Knowledge to the Iphone7

After 7 is 8 or 7s yet? We give a summary of insider information and assessments to the iPhone 7 s. At least technically is not very well known but still.

Iphone 7 S: State of Knowledge to the Iphone7

iPhone 7s or iPhone 8, that is the question-or not?

Autumn 2016, everything was so easy: after an iPhone an s version with improved interior followed, but externally (almost) unchanged. This tradition with annual rhythm crossed Apple 2016 came after the iPhone 6 s iPhone 7 on the market-but in the well-known case. What we think of the device, see in the test video:

The novelty of 2017 to come in a new guise. Shortly before the event on September 12 while is clear, that’s called not iPhone 7s. Maybe it means but not even “iPhone 8”, but iPhone X or iPhone Pro at TheMotorcyclers.

Still, it will be yet another model-just the iPhone 7s. It is also not yet known whether it is really said. Last rumored to get even the name iPhone 8. To avoid confusion with the pro model, we remain iPhone 7 s: the following during the term

iPhone 7s as an improvement of the iPhone 7

The iPhone 7s is an improvement of the current iPhone 7-with interesting new developments. The case remains although by and large as it is. Supposedly there but in the future is one of the new main features glass, to support Wireless charging-.

The two size variants:

  • iPhone 7s with a screen diagonal of 4.7 inch
  • iPhone 7s plus with a screen diagonal of 5.5 inches

The display will continue to be built with a LCD Panel, which can represent the color space P3 but since iPhone 7. The power connection is made by lightning. Nothing to do with OLED display or USB C.

Do you get friends this year an iPhone and if yes: what? In our survey, we would also know which display size and features are important to you.

Other new features of the iPhone 7s: chip and color

Apart from the Wireless charging, the really exciting new features of the iPhone 8 (iPhone X) will remain reserved. The iPhone 7s but should catch up in terms of services, according to rumors, it should get a new A11 chip with M11 coprocessor. Apple has doubled with the iPhone 6 s from 1 to 2 GB memory. Whether here Apple back to, it is currently not yet known.

The five body colors are complemented by a further: red. The “product Red” Apple introduced it later iPhone 7 for that, where a part of the profit to is an organization that fights against AIDS and malaria.

There is no more rumors of the facilities currently still.

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Price and release of the iPhone 7s

As a mid-range unit shall be run iPhone 7s in Apple’s portfolio, is an analyst assumes. Nevertheless, we do not expect a price reduction of more than 100 euros. Currently that starts the iPhone 7 plus at 899 euros, iPhone 7 759 euros. However, the iPhone 8 could be more expensive than now the iPhone 7. Details see: we must expect this iPhone prices.

While the pricing speculation, is the iPhone release date more likely: The iPhone 7 s could come one or two weeks after the event in the shops.