Iphone X Presented: This One about New Masterpiece Must Know

The iPhone X marks a new direction for Apple’s smart phone–therefore not least, a special name to justify so many unique features. Which features particularly distinguish the iPhone X ?

Iphone X Presented: This One about New Masterpiece Must Know

Feels the iPhone X like you will find in our Hands-On video from the Apple event:

Name: The iPhone with the X

Actually, the rumor mill was expecting an Apple iPhone 8-this there now to buy. However it is only to an advanced iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus-previously called iPhone 7 s suggested. The new smart phone is given, however, also a such weighty name. The iPhone X (pronounced ten for 10 in English)-a real new beginning.

iPhone X: borderless OLED screen

So unusual, so new and strange is also the exterior. The shape is probably called the rimless 5.8 inch OLED screen (edge-to-edge) with HDR support-super retina display (2436 x 1125 pixel, 458 ppi). Rich colors and more space round-the–corners offers now also Apple-Smart phone. It turns out slightly bigger iPhone 7 or the new iPhone 8 compared to the previous, the rimless design, it is however visibly smaller than the bulky plus models-despite larger displays. By the way: Of course the iPhone X has also the new glass back of the new iPhone 8 and therefore supports wireless Qi loading.

iPhone X without home button

But where only the Home Button? Apple dropped unceremoniously replaced by simplified gestures on the screen. For example, we wipe just by the edge of the display to the top to see the home screen, a slow wipe opens the multitasking view. Siri, we reach over the side power button directly on the device.

Face detection replaced touch ID

Where the fingerprint sensor, but then hiding say that known popular touch ID? Apple surprised again with an unusually radical solution. Instead to banish the fingerprint sensor on the back as the Android competition, it was decided to omit these also. There are now face ID! Now, the own face serves as a distinguishing feature for unlocking the phone for Apple pay etc and no longer own thumbprint. This succeeds with front-facing camera, several additional sensors and the necessary software in iOS 11 according to Apple’s face considerably more secure than touch ID ID and can also not be tricked by photos or even photo realistic masks. We are looking forward to the numerous tests and hacking attempts that confirm or refute this statement.

Next novelty in the Apple universe: Wireless charging

The iPhone X can be wirelessly–assuming suitable and must be acquired separately Qi accessories-download now. Also the coming next year to the market AirPower Stationthat supports simultaneous wireless charging of iPhone, Apple Watch and co’s supports.

Important technical data of iPhone X:

X: iPhone prices and release

Even with the price grows beyond the iPhone X about themselves: from 1.149 euros we go. There is then a 64 GB memory. If you want more, pay more. In the overview:

  • iPhone 64 GB X 1.149 euros
  • iPhone X 256 GB 1.319 euro
  • Can be ordered in the iPhone X from October 27, 2017 at 9:01 UTC direct from Apple*, the mobile operators and authorized resellers. The actual sale and first deliveries starting from November 3, 2017.
  • The Apple event has just ended. A first survey: How did you find the idea altogether? And what school grades give you the individual innovations?