Is It Really Worth the Hi Total Bill? Personal Experience!

I’m user of the Hi Total Account almost since its launch. From time to time, update the plan for the best values in the monthly fee. All this time experience with this package of services gave me a large estate to talk about this “promotion” and if really worth unify your accounts in just one service offered by Hi.

What is The Hi Total Bill?

The Hi Total Account is a package of services offered by the operator Hi that unifies the Bills of your landline, cell phones, internet, data packets, SMS and even Oi TV. The package includes different speeds for the internet, franchises of minutes for phones Hi, discounts and even free (in some cases) for connections between rows that are operator Hi.

What Else the Hi Total Account Offers?

Who renews or makes the first contract the Hi Total Account can earn discounts to buy directly from Hi. Some plans offer handsets for free, included in the package hired. The value of the discount varies depending on the package chosen Total Bill Hi.

Worth the Hi Total Bill?

Don’t. I took (and still) the minutes of the franchise, the internet offered by them. The values are still very attractive and no other phone company offers a plan with so many minutes to make calls to other carriers or as complete. But what makes this plan so attractive is also what else weighs in the balance to make it bad.

As the Hi Total Account is the only full service package offered by major mobile operators in Brazil, the lack of competition left Hi accommodated. The quality of the Oi’s telephone network is very bad problems with the internet are frequent, the 3 g, 4 g to some malfunctions (when it works). Even worse is that the Hi still provides their personal data to internet providers that you sell you services “intimidating”.

Unfortunately, as the plan meets my needs, my brother and my mom, and as we have no other options and cheapest quality available on the market, we are obliged to stay with Oi. However, this is something that must end soon, because the third or fourth time in all the time I’m with Oi have to set it next to one of your providers, for providing unauthorized data and tying.

Final Considerations

With options appearing on other carriers, mostly with a better signal quality, and a competitor to the internet showing up in my town (GVT), the days of the Hi Total Account are counted in my house. I just believe that this plan and the quality of services of Hi go improve while some competing carriers offer a similar service and with best quality. Until then, even though the Hi Total Account offers the best cost, the benefits are almost nonexistent by total disregard of the operator with the quality of their services and customer service.

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