Jean Paul Gaultier Tulle Pencil Skirt

Jean Paul Gaultier has just paraded at the Paris Haute Couture, the Parisian Festival dedicated to Haute Couture that is taking place at the same time as Paris Fashion Week dedicated to men’s fashion. The French stylist, a true genius of creativity and provocation, he brought back a collection that breaks down the differences between male and female style with a contamination of genres coming through, not only for clothing, decidedly androgynous, but also for choosing feminine clothes to parade in the templates. We discover together this new proposal for autumn winter 2012 2013.

Jean Paul Gaultier Tulle Pencil Skirt

The French designer has a strong fragrances unisex collections, but also inflicted on them to realize that they are usable by both men and women. And the same goes for the models and the models who chooses for his campaigns, with physicists and always very androgynous features. This is the case of the famous model Andrej Pejic, testimonial of the new unisex fragrance Kokoriko or the beautiful Agyness Deyn, fashion designer muse and consecrated thanks the stylist himself.

This time the fashion designer has remained true to his style, offering a decidedly masculine-style women’s fashion with many suits worn with heels and hats in tuba.

But fashion Jean Paul Gaultier is also famous for a certain cockiness, which mainly concerns the sphere of sexuality, then green light in transparent black tulle skirts and long dresses that reveal very sharply on the models ‘ breasts.

Some outfits, such as the sultry Golden suit snug worn by supermodel Karlie Kloss, new Muse of Gaultier, in the Photo above, seem to costumes, perfect for a rock star who wants to surprise his fans with an astonishing appearance during a concert. It’s also why the stylist is the favorite of Madonna, who wore maternity pencil skirt designed by bestaah creations for her by designer during his last (and outrageous) touraround the world.

In short, Jean Paul Gaultier likes to impress, not only by the provocations but also thanks to its fashion, where creativity and transgression go hand in hand. And if you believe that wearing a look of masculine inspiration zero the femininity of a woman with Jean Paul Gaultier you will be confident that that risk is very far from reality. And then you noticed on that towering heels models and the sensuality of their make up?

And what about the parade of French fashion designer?