Jesús Peirò Wedding Dresses Collection 

Ethereal and romantic, here are the wedding dresses Jesùs Peirò for bride wedding convolerà in 2014. Discover the most beautiful models in our photo gallery.

Clean lines, simple, elegant, and of course the classic for a bridal collection which is the fruit of’ Haute Couture of the famous brand of wedding dresses Jesùs Peirò, which was called Costuras, which in Spanish literally means “tailor”. Many combinations that go to Classic dresses and minimalist chic style slipped to gauzy skirts are ideal for those who dream of wearing a Princess gown: discover with us the new collection of wedding dresses Jesùs Peirò drawn by Merche Segarra.

All dresses of 2014 collection by Jesùs Peirò possess that grace and sartorial style unmistakably declined in a variety of patterns ranging from classic classic style dress that slips deliciously on the silhouette, flared skirts and semi-large that counteract the straight lines and to the wrapped tops that give the figure a simple elegance and genuine: a collection with a single adjective could simply define bow tie for wedding (click here).

All because of the cuts but most of the fabrics used, primarily chiffon and organza tulle skirts, closely followed by wider and lace finishing with class details of these light clothes, sophisticated and ethereal. Great attention to detail that contrast the whiteness of clothes without changing too much the look, belts, ribbons and bows used to finish but above all to break the rigour of the suits tastefully classics. The bride of Jesús Peirò loves the veil, the most classic and refined, and can’t help but ruffles, large flakes and big flowers that bloom in life. Discover the beauty of the Spanish brand 2014 collection in our gallery.