Jewels of the Danish Court Suppliers

Top model Helena Christensen with bijoux-OLE-Lynggaard

A small Crown adorns the logo of Danish bijoux manufacture Ole Lynggard. And reminds everyone that the operation is an official purveyor to the Court. But not only the crowned heads bear the precious pieces of the company founded in 1963. The brand is l long demand throughout the world.

The Ole Lynggard Goldsmith founded the manufactory, today is his daughter Charlotte to the side, the son of Soren takes care of the management. It is a family business, which succeeds in the market and becomes a worldwide luxury brand.

Classic, Distinctive and Feminine

OLE Lynggard is one that has new ideas. And she then immediately turned into pieces of bijoux. No stone, no precious metal is safe from him. Daughter Charlotte thinks similarly. The pieces, which she designs are classic and distinctive, stylish and feminine.

The series “Flowers”, which brings together silver, 18karätiges gold, Bill workers and drop from Moonstone belongs to the autumn / winter collection 2011. “Dew drops” drops from oxide, silver, gold and turquoise, black spinelle, Amethyst or dark Moon stone. “Katrine” conceals delicate butterflies from dark yellow gold and Diamondsdancing on rings, earrings or brooches. Danish supermodel Helena Christensen is the well known celebrity endorser of Lynggard jewelry.

Ice Crystals and Lotus Flowers Made of Gold and Diamonds

Grow delicate ice crystals made of gold and diamonds in the series “winter freeze” on dainty earrings or lush rings. There are narrow love bands or wide rings, which are reminiscent of lace.The series ‘Lotus’, which recently presented in Basel, Charlotte Lynggard was inspired by the splendor of exotic lotus flowers. The series is spectacular “sweet drops” with bracelets made of calf leather, at the drop of different materials on can be brought.

A collection of the manufacture is particularly close to the heart: “My Friend” are tiny fish and other charms in silver and gold, decorated with brilliant-cut diamonds. You can hang them to chains or use as a keychain – and doing something good with the purchase: one percent of the profit goes to a charity, the fountain in the West African Togo builds.