John Varvatos Men’s Clothing

John Varvatos presented his men’s collection fall/winter 2014-2015 with an intense soul rock. The famous group of Kiss was the inspiration of a bold line and safe. The band dominated the final scene of the show, accompanying the stylist in the ritual greeting. John Varvatos men not afraid to dare, to play with his style and his look. Love the leather garments, members and sure and matches them to elegant tailored jackets and waistcoats. A dandy touch soothes the energetic and mysterious mood, first black, then white.

Night shade, a mixture of mood rock and dandy and a tribute to Kiss. Three points of departure, three interpretations and inspirations for a menswear collection like no other.

I wanted to give a little magic dust on dresses in this collection, highlighting the idea of boldness and confidence that is an integral part of my vision, bringing it to a new level.

While working with Kiss to my new ad campaign, I was surprised by how everyone, regardless of age, they like them. For me, it’s the idea of the superhero, phantom by incredible powers, which makes the enduring myth of Kiss and catchy, and it’s exactly that mindset that I wanted to explore, adding a bit of imagination to my work, while maintaining its sartorial finesse and elegance. The result is energetic and strong, for a confident man who dares ‘ , “said the stylist about new creations.

If the dark shades, light session for the Navy at the end of the parade, have dominated completely the heads of the new collection, metallic colors have exalted jackets, shirts and knitwear in General. Under the jacket-pants, all coordinated by the dry lines and well defined, there were fantasies jacquard from retro charm. The jackets were made mostly in skin, a shiny crocodile model, and certain embellished details in shearling.

The precise shapes and fitted sartorial selection revealed an urban, enhanced by accessories, from the decidedly more rock, as massive boots leather smooth and shiny, oversized sunglasses and handbags by day, to carry over the shoulder or by hand. In our gallery you can see all the proposals of the menswear collection John Varvatos fall/winter 2014-2015.