Jumpsuit Tips

Weekend delight and today’s look because I decided to get out of bed.But, as it is a holiday and leave the bed doesn’t mean that laziness has gone out of my body, the look of today’s comfortable, yummy and easy to dress up.

Those who follow the UASZ may already know that I’m a diehard fan of headscarves, red lipstick and… overalls. And I’ve said it here and repeat. Jumpsuit may not be the most versatile piece of your wardrobe, you can’t do those millions of combinations that allow separate parts (ok, you can play a lot with overlays, but you can’t compare in terms of versatility), but, of course, is the most easy to use. Is to choose and wear.

My only tip, actually, at the time of use coveralls is: as some of them are very informal, work on the styling to if you want to leave the look a little less casual. Type it here.

Overall, basic, mechanical workshop style. As he is very masculine, I opted for medium trekking peep toe (with red nails). Here at Collegesanduniversitiesinusa you can get more different models and styles. The idea was to let female without being too delicate not to fight too much with the jumpsuit and opinion that I chose the shoe in the dark. I thought this was the perfect balance. Oh! And with folded pants to make him look good (remember our styling tips?)

In addition to the shoe, I chose to let your hair down, party in the Middle, smooth back. As the fringe’s great, I’m really enjoying to leave him in the middle. Less trouble (don’t need dry with the dryer) and I think it looks super stylish (I confess that I’ve looked at Kim Kardashian, she always wears and guess I always look a bit more chic to loks thereof).

Finally, I made a super clean makeup, but pulled out all the stops in the red lipstick (always) to ensure that femininity that we said up here.

There, with everything ready, insert the final touch: my pochetinha that was missing, but I love (haters gonna hate). I think cute, unusual and, in the case of today, combined very well with this more “raw” footprint of the jumpsuit.