Junarose-A Revolution the Plus Size Market?

I’ll admit, when Dani us all on Twitter geadded and what told us of a new plus size collection, I was very skeptical. Far too often, we were “new” “modern” seduced in recent years by the words “young” and then disappointed. Again and again the same crap (sorry!). When we were in Hamburg for the Dani, Maite Kelly show has taken the chance and invited us in the also in the Hamburg show room ofJUNAROSE .

Shortly before I got sent to my Lookbook and then became quite excited and looking forward to the afternoon and the collection.

JUNAROSE belongs to the upper mark bestsellers, which include brands like Vero Moda, Jack Jones, and Villa, and is the first plus size brand of bestsellers. To the facts first: the line will go from size 42 to 54, so like most large sizes Collections.Things are slightly more expensive, comparable to ASOS curve but from what I’ve seen so far of a very good quality.

We wudern super love received by Dani and Catherine. Dani cares about selling the belongs to the commercial collection, Catherine and PR Agency, supervised the bestsellers. It gabg cupcakes, coffee and home-made Schokolollies and of course an insight in the collections that will appear from June and up in the winter.

In addition to the insight in the collection there but also very great conversations, I am thrilled by the job Dani makes and she makes him the euphoria with which. It’s always scary to hear that retailers get this incredibly great collection of you presented, and many then believe that this or that parts not sell in Germany would leave. Although the collection is my opinion about the price I am normally willing to spend I would buy like each part solely for the reason, so e n d l i c h someone remembers that as a concept that is exactly what we want!

As you can see, the collection is very diverse, from basic pieces to correct statements, so rare to see that market are on the larger sizes, and above all on the German market. Galaxy prints, sequins, asterisk, glitter, leather, different textures and fabrics. Beautiful colors and a chic dress, about the hipster T-Shirt is about to rock really by the skinny jeans, to the sweater! The things are, as I understood it, partly in the bestsellers online store to be sold and then in other stores as for example in the Karstadt in Hamburg, happy size or Zalando. However, there is a whole collection of never or all parts from a dealer and it is never sure whether all parts that are intended for a collection, so come all at the store, because that depends on how much confidence have the buyer, that the collection will be a ‘hit’.

I really very much hope that we won’t need to give us off with such trifles, but it soon JUNAROSE accessible to buy will be also for everyone at the store, a revolution like this, my opinion is long overdue and I personally waited what a small eternity.

Who wants to see more and read, should for example look at MIA, Amélie, orSabina, who have written very good entries.