Keyboard Wifi for Android

Use the cell phone using the computer keyboard may seem pointless at first sight, but greatly facilitates the creation of scripts and streamlines testing of programs directly on your phone. Of course, for such tasks, there are emulators for Android to computer. It is even possible to install Android on virtual machines, as in Virtual Box, and use your device directly from the PC.

Keyboard WiFi for Android

I was looking for a way to use a Bluetooth keyboard on Android, during the search, I found the WiFi Keyboard, that allows me to control the Android via WiFi. It was pretty easy to find and install.

To install, I’ve been looking for Wifi Keyboard at Play Store. Downloaded and installed the application, the configuration was also quite simple. First get your Android settings, select language and keyboard, and then select the WifiKeyboard option, thus activating the keyboard via Wifi. Then, in any text field, click and hold until the “Input Method”, click and select “WifiKeyboard”.

Ready, is already configured. With the configuration ready, from your computer, visit the WifiKeyboad page that is available on your mobile. The address of this page is shown to run the WifiKeyboard on your Android. This address consists of an IP number, like this: (if the IP of your cellphone is, for example).

Now, everything that is typed on this page is typed in the cell. Facilitates the navigation and typing in commands and scripts. Combine that with a program to create applications for Android, and you have a great programming tool.

On WifiKeyboad development page, you can view the list of changes already made in the program.

What did you think of the application? It worked well for you? Leave your opinion in the comments!